Irene Botosaru 
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Economics
    Simon Fraser University
    Burnaby, BC, Canada   

Curriculum Vitae

Research field: Econometrics                                 Brown Bag: 2017-2018 | TeachingBUEC 333 | ECON 431 | ECON 483 | Econ 837


Botosaru, Irene and Federico Gutierrez (2017). Difference-in-Differences when the Treatment Status is Observed in Only One Period.
|Paper| Journal of Applied Econometrics, DOI 10.1002/jae.2583.

Working papers

Botosaru, Irene and Chris Muris (2017). Binarization for Panel Models with Fixed Effects.
|Paper| Cemmap working paper CWP31/17. Submitted.

Botosaru, Irene (2017). Identifying Distributions in a Panel Model with Heteroskedasticity: An Application to Earnings Volatility.
|Paper| SFU working paper dp17-11. Submitted.

Botosaru, Irene and Yuya Sasaki (2017). Nonparametric Heteroskedasticity in Persistent Panel Processes: An Application to Earnings Dynamics.
|Paper| R&R at Journal of Econometrics.

Botosaru, Irene and Bruno Ferman (2017). On the Role of Covariates in the Synthetic Control Method.
|Paper| MPRA working paper 80796.

Botosaru, Irene (2016). A Duration Model with Dynamic Unobserved Heterogeneity.
The nonparametric version:  |Paper| R&R at Journal of Econometrics. 
The semiparametric version: |Paper| TSE working paper 11-262.

Work in progress
  • Time-Varying Linear Transformation Models with Fixed Effects and Endogeneity for Short Panels (with Chris Muris and Senay Sokullu)
  • Nonparametric Identification and Estimation of a Potential Hazard Model
  • Identification of a Duration Model with Time Deformed Unobserved Heterogeneity

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