Under One Steeple

Multiple Congregations Sharing More than Just Space

By Lorraine Cleaves Anderson

Remember the era when people loved living in Christian community? So why not bring that way of life to a "community of churches" in which longtime members of cavernous, cathedral-type buildings open their lives and belongings to homeless churches? For decades now, God has been bringing revival to the US through immigrant church startups exploding with fearless vigor while many of our once stalwart churches continue to coddle a handful of folks each Sunday. Why not "stand on the table" and see God at work from a different vantage point? Some congregations own huge structures, others need space, we all need each other, and we can learn to share, kindergarten-style, first our passion for Jesus and his agenda, and secondly our stuff—holding the former tenderly, the latter loosely. It's all God's anyway, and will crumble without being used, so let's share it all gladly while we can! By concentrating on placing people's hands in the hand of Jesus, we can create a community of churches under one steeple, then under another steeple, then another, unlocking every room and every heart!


"The stories are so real, and the nuggets of wisdom here and there by the author are so down-to-earth—and, above all, biblical. In a time when the stranger needs to be welcome in our nation, this excellent and 'different' book challenges us all to radical hospitality. Its paradigm par excellence is the 'hospiradical incarnation of Jesus.' Read this book, ponder its teaching wisdom, and then open your church doors to be blessed."

-Eldin Villafañe

Professor of Christian Social Ethics

Founding Director of the Center for Urban Ministerial Education

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Lorraine Anderson as much as any pastor I know in Boston has demonstrated not only unending generosity in sharing church space with other congregations and Christian ministries over many years, but she has also constantly demonstrated the skills and attentiveness required for ongoing, everybody-benefits kind of ways. Read this book—it's a must-read for all who believe God wants us to share the facilities he gives us."

-Ralph Kee


Greater Boston Church Planting Collaborative

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ISBN 13: 978-1-62032-011-2

Pages: 164

Binding: Paperback

Publication Date: 03/09/2012