Answer the Prayer of Jesus

A Call for Biblical Unity

By John P. Lathrop

God has accomplished many great things through the church, but can the church be even more effective? Is there something the church can do to be both more pleasing to the Lord and more productive? Answer the Prayer of Jesus speaks to these questions. The church can be more effective if it seeks to answer the prayer of Jesus in John 17. Unity is important to the mission of the church of Jesus Christ. In this book both the challenges and possibilities of unity are examined. Drawing from Scripture and his experiences of contemporary church life, the John Lathrop gives specific examples of unity. He also offers practical advice about how one can become part of the answer to the prayer of Jesus. This book will enable you to see a small portion of what God is doing in the world today and will encourage you to become part of it.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-60899-392-5

Binding: Paperback;

Publication Date: 02/14/2011