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Christian Egalitarian Leadership

Empowering the Whole Church According to the Scriptures
Dr. Aída Besançon Spencer, Dr. William David Spencer, 
Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse

Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse

Churches and their Leaders Look to the Future

Edited by Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, and Victoria Fahlberg 


Creative Ways To Build Christian Community 

Edited by Jeanne DeFazio, and John P. Lathrop 

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Accepted in the Beloved

A Devotional Bible Study for Women on Finding Healing and Wholeness in God's Love

By Leslie Ann McKinney

Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home
Raising Voices for Change

Edited by Catherine Clark Kroeger, Nancy Nason-Clark, and Barbara Fisher-Townsend

Building Your Family to Last

By Kari Torjesen Malcom

Global Voices on Biblical Equality
Women and Men Ministering Together in the Church

Edited by Dr. Aída Besançon Spencer, Dr. William David Spencer, and Mimi Haddad

Joy Through the Night
Biblical Resources on Suffering

By Aída Besançon Spencer and William David Spencer

A Place Where Everybody Matters
Life and Ministry in a Small Church

By Jean F. Risley
Some Men Are Our Heroes
Stories by Women about the Men Who Have Greatly Influenced Their Lives

Edited by Dr. KeumJu Jewel Hyun and Cynthia Davis Lathrop
Answer the Prayer of Jesus
A Call for Biblical Unity

By John P. Lathrop
The Goddess Revival
A  Biblical Response to God(dess) Spirituality

By Aída Besançon SpencerDonna F.G. HailsonCatherine Clark KroegerWilliam David Spencer
Responding to Abuse in Christian Homes
A Challenge to Churches and their Leaders

Edited by Nancy Nason-ClarkCatherine Clark KroegerBarbara Fisher-Townsend
People Paul Admired
The House Church Leaders of the New Testament

By Beulah Wood
Under One Steeple
Multiple Congregations Sharing More than Just Space

By Lorraine Cleaves Anderson
Forever and Always
The Art of Intimacy

By Celestia G. Tracy, Steven R. Tracy

Interpreting Life
Christian Women's Roles in the Church and Home

By Patricia C. Burke