New Releases

The Christian World Liberation Front: The Jesus Movement's Model of Revival and Social Reform for the Postmodern Church

By Jeanne C. DeFazio

Jesus Among the Homeless: Successful Strategies of Christian Ministers to the Marginalized

By Wilma Faye Mathis

Previous Titles 

Christian Egalitarian Leadership: Empowering the Whole Church According to the Scriptures

Edited by Dr. Aída Besançon Spencer, Dr. William David Spencer

Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse: Churches and their Leaders Look to the Future

Edited by Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, and Victoria Fahlberg

Creative Ways To Build Christian Community 

Edited by Jeanne DeFazio, and John P. Lathrop 

Accepted in the Beloved: A Devotional Bible Study for Women on Finding Healing and Wholeness in God's Love

By Leslie Ann McKinney

Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home: Raising Voices for Change

Edited by Catherine Clark Kroeger, Nancy Nason-Clark, and Barbara Fisher-Townsend

Building Your Family to Last

By Kari Torjesen Malcom

Global Voices on Biblical Equality: Women and Men Ministering Together in the Church

Edited by Dr. Aída Besançon Spencer, Dr. William David Spencer, and Mimi Haddad

Joy Through the Night: Biblical Resources on Suffering

By Aída Besançon Spencer and William David Spencer

A Place Where Everybody Matters: Life and Ministry in a Small Church

By Jean F. Risley

Some Men Are Our Heroes: Stories by Women about the Men Who Have Greatly Influenced Their Lives

Edited by Dr. KeumJu Jewel Hyun and Cynthia Davis Lathrop

Answer the Prayer of Jesus: A Call for Biblical Unity

By John P. Lathrop

The Goddess Revival: A  Biblical Response to God(dess) Spirituality

By Aída Besançon Spencer, Donna F.G. Hailson, Catherine Clark Kroeger, William David Spencer

Responding to Abuse in Christian Homes: A Challenge to Churches and their Leaders

Edited by Nancy Nason-Clark, Catherine Clark Kroeger, Barbara Fisher-Townsend

People Paul Admired: The House Church Leaders of the New Testament

By Beulah Wood

Under One Steeple: Multiple Congregations Sharing More than Just Space

By Lorraine Cleaves Anderson

Forever and Always: The Art of Intimacy

 By Celestia G. Tracy, Steven R. Tracy

Interpreting Life: Christian Women's Roles in the Church and Home

By Patricia C. Burke