Books that expound accurately the Word of God to empower women and men to minister together in a multicultural church
At the House of Prisca and Aquila, we publish books that have a positive view of the Bible as God’s revelation. Our titles reflect our belief that because God is true, God’s revelation in the Bible is true, inclusive of men and women and speaking to a multicultural church. We embrace all the diversity of the church within the parameters of egalitarianism and inerrancy.


See below for HPAs new YouTube video describing our new release, Christian Egalitarian Leadership. Many of our contributors offer a brief synopsis of their chapter and its importance in promoting the type of egalitarian leadership integral to our mission.

Dr. Aida Spencer and Dr. William Spencer's new book Christian Egalitarian Leadership is available now.

An Overview of Christian Egalitarian Leadership As Told By Its Contributors

Aida Spencer Overview of New Testament Teaching on Christian Egalitarian Leadership

Dr. William Spencer on Equal Leadership

John Lathrop on Egalitarianism

House of Prisca and Aquila: Mission and Objectives

The House of Prisca and Aquila is pleased to announce new titles including:
  Creative Ways to Build Christian Community.