Working Papers by Topic

Clientelism and Vote Buying

Networks, Information and Vote Buying, with Raúl Duarte, Frederico Finan and Laura Schechter. Email me for a draft.

A Market Equilibrium Approach to Reduce the Incidence of Vote-Buying: Evidence from Uganda, with Ben Marx, Otis Reid, and Chris Blattman. [see JPAL GI Page] Please email me for draft.

Breaking Clientelism or Rewarding Incumbents? Evidence from an Urban Titling Program in Mexico, with John Marshall and Laura Trucco, December 2018. [Download PDF]

Political Competition and State Capacity: Evidence from a Land Allocation Program in Mexico, with Leopoldo Fergusson and Juan Felipe Riaño. August 2018. [Download PDF] [Download CAF Working Paper #2015-03]

How Weakly Institutionalized Parties Monitor Brokers in Developing Democracies: Evidence from Post-conflict Liberia, with Jeremy Bowles and Shelley Liu. January 2017. [Download PDF]

Monitoring Political Brokers: Evidence from Clientelistic Networks in Mexico, December 2013. [Download PDF]

Information and Political Accountability

Understanding the General Equilibrium Effects of Compulsory Voting on Policy: Evidence from Peru, with Miguel Angel Carpio, Beatriz Cordova and Julie A. Weaver. November 2018. [Download PDF] U

Who Debates,Wins? At-Scale Experimental Evidence on Debate Participation in a Liberian Election, with Jeremy Bowles. December 2018. [Download PDF] [EGAP Policy Review] [JPAL Website] [Internews Website] Under Review

Able and Mostly Willing: An Empirical Anatomy of Information's Effect on Voter Efforts to Hold Politicians to Account in Senegal, with Abhit Bhandari and John Marshall. April 2019. [Download PDF] Under Review

Priors rule: When do malfeasance revelations help and hurt incumbent parties?, with Eric Arias, John Marshall, and Pablo Querubin. August 2018. [Download PDF] [Download NBER Working Paper #24888] [EGAP Metaketa Page] [EGAP Policy Review] Under Review

Does the Content and Mode of Delivery of Information Matter for Electoral Accountability? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mexico, with Eric Arias, John Marshall, and Pablo Querubin. October 2018. [Download PDF]

Media Networks and Political Accountability: Evidence from Radio Networks in Brazil, with Joana Monteiro, June 2014. [Download PDF] [Coverage in LATAMTHOUGHT]

Education and Political Participation

The Effect of Education on Trust in Traditional Authorities: Evidence from Nigeria and Senegal, with Jessica Gottlieb and Shelley Liu. March 2017. [Download PDF]

The Effect of Education on Political Participation: Evidence from a Consolidated Developing Democracy, with Shelley Liu. December 2017. [Download PDF]


Peer Effects in Campaign Contributions: Evidence from the Members of the Corporate Boards of the S&P 1500 List, with Edoardo Teso. [Download PDF]

Contagious Political Concerns: Identifying Unemployment Information Shock Transmission Using the Danish Population Network, with James E. Alt, Amalie Jensen, David D. Lassen, and John Marshall. January 2019. [Download PDF]

Network Centrality and Institutional Design: Evidence from a Lab Experiment in the Field, with Arun Chandrasekhar and Emily Breza, June 2017. [Download PDF] [Download NBER Working Paper #20309]

Economic Development

Taking One for the Team: Shocks at Destination and Household's Supply of Migrants, with Gustavo Fajardo and Emilio Gutierrez, February 2018. [Download PDF]

2014 Banamex Prize for Research in Economics on Mexico. In the press [Foro Economico]

Information, Networks and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Lab Experiment in the Field, with Arun Chandrasekhar and Cynthia Kinnan, 2011. [Download PDF]

Selected Work in Progress

The following are papers for which we have results for and are in the writing process or are experiments currently in the field.

The Inflationary Effects of Vote-Buying: Evidence from a Large-Scale Experiment in Uganda, with Ben Marx and Chris Blattman. [see JPAL GI Page]

Missionary Competition, Education, and Long-run Political Development: Evidence from Africa, with Soeren Henn and Carlos Schmidt-Padilla

When do Media Stations Support Electoral Accountability? A Field Experiment in Mexico, with Chris Lucas and John Marshall. [In the field, see JPAL Page]

Pre-Colonial Centralization, Chiefs and Clientelism in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Benjamin Marx.

Authority, with Ernst Fehr and Daniel Schunk.