Welcome to my website! UA-63295707-1

I am an Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University.  

I received a PhD in Economics from MIT in 2013, a Master in Economics and Finance from CEMFI in 2007 and a BA in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires in 2004. 

My research interests include political economy and economic development using both theory and empirics. 

Broadly, I am interested in political accountability in Africa and Latin America. In particular, I work on clientelism and vote buying, the importance of information for political accountability, whether education fosters political participation, and whenever possible, I look at  the relevance of social networks for these and other development issues.

You can find a copy of my CV and Google Scholar page.

Much more interesting, you can see how the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) used my name and Harvard's for publicity in the PRI's twitter (I am still waiting to hear from them!), and the political heat we received during our intervention in the 2015 Mexican elections together with Borde Politico here (and here the forged leaflet it refers to, which was of much better quality than ours!).