Dues for 2018

Your HOA board have worked hard to minimize ongoing costs thus keeping Hillcrest Manor dues among the very lowest among North Dallas neighborhoods - $75/year for each home.  These dues are used to pay for ongoing and exceptional costs such as:

Landscaping: Upkeep of landscaping at entries, including mowing, trimming, and planting
City of Dallas Water Utilities: For landscaping located at neighborhood entrances
Services: For e-mail list management
Supplies: To make copies, buy envelopes and stamps, mailing labels, etc.

Your dues are vitally important to helping keep our neighborhood the fine place it is.  Let's get 100% participation for our 2017 dues... we need your help to make it a great year!

Please mail your check for $75.00 annual dues, payable to HMHOA to the HOA Treasurer:

HMHOA Treasurer
7139 Crooked Oak Dr.
Dallas, TX 75248

Thank You!