City Services

City of Dallas Website
Dallas maintains an excellent website full of news and reference information as well as easy ways to request services and report problems.  If you have questions about city services it should be your first stop.  The URL is  The 311 Info and Services page is especially useful.

Emergency Services
Police, Fire, Ambulance        dial 911

Garbage and Recycling Pickup
Dallas Sanitation Services pick up in our neighborhood on Tuesdays.  The city provides special garbage carts that are designed to work with their trucks and special blue carts for recycling.  You can request a cart using the Dallas 311 service. Have your carts at the end of your driveway before 7:00 am on Tuesday mornings.  Be sure it has 3 feet of clearance on each side and 1-1/2 feet in back to allow the collection arms of the trash truck to grasp the cart.

Bulky Trash Collection
Curbside pick-up of bulky trash occurs the second full week of each month.  Watch for the reminder signs posted at the four entrances to Hillcrest Manor the weekend preceding our pick-up week.  Bulky trash may be placed out no earlier than the Thursday before the second full week of the month.  Putting trash on the curb before this time may result in a fine.  Any homeowner can call 311 to report violations, but good neighborliness suggests it's better to mention it to your neighbor first since we can all forget the schedule from time to time.  Click here for more information on the city website.