Paragliding 2016 - 2015

May 14, 2016, 76th Ion 3 flight, 214 since 2013, 544 total flights. Today hike and fly, town park landing, used the nova montis+ harness/pack, very nice!

April 3, 2016, 75th Ion 3 flight, 213 since 2013, 86 gold hill, 543 total flights. Today launched noon GH, good up, went to 13,900 ft., felt the thermals were getting strong so decided to land after an hour. Did a dozen spirals over the valley floor without losing much altitude, due to north wind. Easy landing, flew between trees at the round about, nice landing. NM flew afterwards, big. 

April 2, 2016, 74th Ion 3 flight, 212 since 2013, 85 gold hill, 542 total flights. Today launched 11:30 GH, good thermals in front and above launch. About an hour fly. Pearl 5 w easy landing. Later in the day NM and DO flew. DO high.

March 20, 2016, 73rd Ion 3 flight, 211 since 2013, 84 Gold Hill, 541 total flights. Today 11am take off GH, flew an hour, smooth, though lots of sink over the ski area and valley floor. Easy landing.

March 10, 2016, 72nd Ion 3 flight, 210 since 2013, 83 Gold Hill, 540 total flights. Today with JC, waited an hour for wind direction, light lift, mellow, about 50 minutes due to appointment.

Feb 28, 2016, 71st Ion 3 flight, 209 since 2013, 82 Gold Hill, 539 total flights. 2/26 with RT, JC, Glider Bob in a thermal. Today a GH to pearl cruise, a few turns. The wind was variable direction, including NE. Smooth w 5 pearl landing. Flew with a 360 degree video camera, boot mounted.

Feb 25, 2016, 69th Ion 3 flight, 207 flights since May 2013. 80 Gold Hill. 1 flight today. Waited 11:30 to 12:45 for wind to turn from north to west. Very buoyant air, rising and bumpy over the valley floor due to north wind component.  good landing.

Feb 21, 2016, 68th Ion 3 flight, 206 since May 2013, 79 Gold Hill. 1 flight today. gentle conditions, but clouds showed high upper winds so stayed lowish for about 50 minutes, spirals above the ski area. Easy west wind landing. 

Feb 12, 2016, 67 Ion 3 flight, 205/may 2013, 535 total, 78 gold hill. 2 flights today.

Feb 10, 2016, 65 Ion 3 flights, 203 flights since May 2013, 533 total, 76 gold hill. 4 pilots inc me did not fly gh today due to gust speeds. 3 flights since dec 18.15. All 50+ min. Small thermals on the way down. Easy pearl landings. 3 or 4 no flys due to higher alt. or north winds. not great videos:

Dec 18, 2015, 63rd Ion 3 flight, 201 flights since May 2013, 531 total, 74 gold hill. Flew Gold Hill today noon launch, 5mph west wind, easy launch, not much lift, landed on Pearl. 

Oct 14, 2015, 62nd Ion 3 flight, 200 flights since May 2013, 530 total flights, 73 gold hill flights. Flew milk run Oct 10/11/14 & gold hill 10/10 am, Nice GH fly, launched 1st out of 7, up for an hour, up to 13.5k landed after small increase in turbulence. No prob. Felt great.  

Oct 8, 2015, 59th Ion 3 flight, 197 flights since May 2013, 527 total flights. Today a sled run from Gold Hill east morning launch. Snow at launch, weak lift, got un-motivated to try to fly long due to nay-say pilots, north wind component and late take off. Jeff C and Neal flew somewhere, maybe Lizard Head...

Sept 29, 58th Ion 3 flight, 196 f since may 2013, 526 ttl - Lookout autumn am flight. 

Sept 26, 57th Ion 3 flight, 195 flights since May 2013, 70 Gold hill flights, 525 total flights, 1 lookout, 2 gold hill, am/pm, 2 hour pm, over see forever and mountain village core, bumpy pearl air 1000-200 feet, due north component of wind 5-12mph. 

Sept 20, 54th Ion 3 flight, 192 flights since May 2013, 68 Gold Hill flights, 522 total flights. 1 today each milkrun and Gold Hill morning flights. Gold Hill video

Sept 13, 2015, 52nd Ion 3 flight, 190 flights since May 2013, 520 flights total... 3 Lookout am, 1 Milkrun am, two pm Gold hill flights, 1 GH am flight, kinda bumpy, cautious and all went fine, gusty at Pearl landing several evenings, folks struggled a bit, I stayed south side and no turbulence, all good. and and and 

Sept 7, 2015 45th Ion 3 flight, 183 flights since May 2013, 513 flights total...Milk Run am sled ride, all good, no flights since Sept 2 due to rain. video...

September 2, 2015, 44th Ion 3 flight, both am sled rides, from Lookout and Milk Run. Rainy weather has prevented Gold Hill flights for the last week. The Milk Run flight had a cravate at take off, could not clear, did not cause flight problems, video documented 

August 24, 2015, 42nd Ion 3 flight. Two flights yesterday/today from GH bear creek am and 1 today GH pm. Today pm bumpy, big sink over the valley floor. I stayed away from clouds and all was good. Recent am sled rides 2 MR, 2 from Lookout.  65 total Gold Hill flights, 182 flights since mid May 2013, 510 flights total. Replaced my 14 year old Perche harness with a Skywalk Cult 3 foam harness. Passed the P4 exam so I can guide pilot in Telluride for the Telluride Airforce members and visiting pilots.

August 15, 2015 update, 36th Ion 3 flight, 62 Gold Hill flights, 504 flights total. 2 GH am fly on 14 & 15 August, thermaled up both days on a launch thermal, bumpy higher up, small wingtip collapses 2x and 1 20%+- collapse, no directional change. 1 hour each flight. 1 GH pm fly on 14 August about an hour in weak conditions. All good Pearl landings.

August 9, 2015 update, 33rd Ion 3 flight 59 Gold Hill flights, 501 total. Bear Creek am, 1:20 fly, GH West pm, 50 minutes, good fly. 5 pilots am, 3 pm, JC to Ridgway...

July 29, 2015 update, 31st Ion 3 flight, 57 Gold Hill flights, 499 total flights. Bear Creek Launch GH am. Launched first, a bit early, thermaled up between lift 9 and needle rock. 50 minutes, nice landing video. Jeff C flew to silverton. video:

July 25, 2015 update, 30th Ion 3 flight, 170 flights since May, 2013, 498 total flights. 2 Lookout launches, town park and pearl landings. Today's flight from Gold Hill PM flight, 1 step reverse launch after JC, good thermals, flew to Ballard & Lena Basin, smooth pearl landing. 1 hour+ flight. video:

July 17, 2015 update, 27th Ion 3 flight, 167 flights since May, 2013, 495 total flights. Completed the 3 precision landings for my p4/guide pilot rating. My usual landings are full speed, straight, no turns and deep brakes as the glider stops. For precision landings I keep enough energy to overshoot the landing and dissipate it with turns and at the very last few feet some flapping of the wing using the brakes. This lets me reliably land in a 10 foot area. The landings are video documented
town park precision landing photo...

July 15, 2015 update, 24th Ion 3 flight from Lookout, Telluride, the first of 3 video documented precise landing my p4/Telluride Guide Pilot rating (within 10 feet, 3 different landing sites...). Fun 20 minute uphill hike, fly, precise land...

July 13 2015 update, 23rd Ion 3 flight, 3rd recently from milk run. Great set up, launch, precise landing... 164 flights since May 2013, 55 Gold Hill flights. About 491 flights since 1988.

July 4, 2015 update 22nd Ion 3 flight, 2 recently from milk run, Telluride. 163 flights since May 2013. 55 Gold Hill Telluride flights. About 490 flights since 1988. 

May 17, 2015, 20th Ion 3 flight, 13 in Chamonix, France, Aguile Du Midi & mid station, now sent wing for NTT tuning and Beemer 3 reserve repack at Parafreddo Canada. All nice flights. Some Chamonix thermal/wind soaring, even above landing. Used the Red Line harness with a backpack, after checking with Red Line maker about strength over time and use. One asymmetric collapse, felt but no directional turning, popped out before could see it.  161 flights since May 2013. About 480 flights since 1988.
Chamonix flying, May 9, 2015

April 03, 2015 update 55 GH flights, 7th Ion 3 flight. Waited 1pm to 3pm before launching, waiting for winds to move from NW to W. 5-11 mph. Nice reverse take off, 13,500 ft above Gold Hill, some strong thermals, some bumpy air, landed Pearl in 5-10mph NW wind, very nice, landed exactly where wanted. About 1 hour flight. 

March 22, 2015 update, 54 GH flights, 6th Ion 3 Pinky flight. Pre-frontal odd high altitude clouds. KS at launch when I arrived. I took off first, reverse, good thermals, but did not fly above 14k. It was bumpy, some wing tip closures, no direction change. Wing moving a bit overhead. Flew about an hour, landed valley floor, mostly since KS had landed there. Used big ears, speedbar over valley floor, impressive stable quick descent. Photo is of KS at Gold Hill launch.

March 21, 2015 update, 53 flights Gold Hill, latest today. Again changing wind. Launched great reverse west 5mph shortly after Jeff Cristol. Flew above Palmyra Peak and Lena Basin to 16,000. about 1.5 hours. Valley floor easy landing since above the floor it was bumpy so avoided Pearl and town park. JC flew to Ridgway! Photo below about 14k ft., above Palymyra, looking at photo left at San Joaquin Coulior 

March 18, 2015 update. 52 flights Gold Hill, 146 total since May 2013, 4th Ion 3 flight. Last flight 3/16/15 from Gold Hill. Very changing wind, waited 2 hours to reverse launch at 2:30pm. Kinda bumpy, some north winds so avoided possible Pearl landing rotors by landing on the valley floor.

March 11, 2015 update. 51 flights from Gold Hill, 145 flights total since May 2013. Flights on 2/15, 2/19, 3/6,7,8/2015, take off noon-2pm. The last 3 flights on my new Nova Ion 3 retro pinky color. Great flights on the Ion 3, about 1:20 each, up to 15k over See Forever. I like the 3 line risers as it is easier to check. A faster and more responsive wing than the Bright 4, it seems to climb better also and the increased glide is very noticeable above landing. A 1kg heavier wing than the Bright 4, making me strong and considering using the light weight thin red line harness for hike-to-fly and travel...

February 10, 2015 update. 47 flights from Gold hill since spring 2013. 141 flights total since May 2013. Last flight on Feb 8, very nice and thermic. 

January 8, 2015 update. 40 flights from Gold Hill, most recent today 134 flights total since May 2013. Nice winter ski area flight today, not so far above skiers on See Forever ridge and ski run. 

 Keith & Nova Ion 3, Gold Hill, 3/6/2015 Telluride,  photos by Mic Key, click to enlarge
Nova Ion Retro Pinky Photos from the Nova website, click to enlarge

 I purchased a Nova Ion 3, Pinky Retro color, size 28 in March, 2015. 

 Click here for the Nova Ion 3 website

 Click here for Ziad Bassil's review of the Ion 3
Pink is back! 
25 years ago NOVA was launched with its bright pink, yellow tipped home sewn CXC. A quarter of a century later, we want to celebrate our birthday in the spirit of these wild bygone days and we are releasing the Pinky - a homage to its famous forefathers with a pink sail and the legendary yellow NOVA stabilos, (1989 CXC photo below)
but which includes all our acquired knowledge of 25 years of glider design. A limited edition of 25 MENTOR 3 and ION 3 can now be ordered from your NOVA dealer. But you have to be quick! Orders must be received by April 17th (delivery date: mid to end of May) and the series is strictly limited. The early bird gets the worm! 
cheers Mik 
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