We love Joyce Piano!! Our son took lessons from Miss Joyce for over 6 years. We had with many different piano teachers and after awhile boredom would set in. Joyce always listened to Nicholas and let him learn the way that was best for him. She taught him all the fundamentals and encouraged and worked diligently with him on classical pieces which are so critical to accomplishing success on the California Certificate of Merit exams. In addition, though, Joyce allowed him to follow his own heart and expression by letting him select pieces he wanted to learn. (Christmas songs were always a favorite.) And she is fun. She smiles and interacts with well with children. She is smart and personable.

Nicholas today is a successful student at Orange County School of the Arts and pursues his talent which was so nurtured by this wonderful and talented instructor and pianist.  

I strongly recommend you consider Joyce Piano!

Laureen (Parent)


Joyce has been teaching my daughter (14) for several years, She is knowledgeable and professional.  My daughter's skills have grown consistently and impressively.  After working with several piano teachers over the past 8 years, Joyce is the only one who exceeded my expectations.  When she gives the private lessons to my daughter, she combines theory & technique with a lesson plan specific to her students level and meet the CM goals.  We are so glad to have found her.  Having her to be a piano teacher gives me no worries because she will plan everything for us.  Thank you, Joyce...

Linde C (Parent of 14 year-old student)


Joyce is a very gifted piano teacher. She is different from the usual tide of Asian piano teachers in Irvine who typically know of only one way to teach their students. Although that one way may be successful here and there, that method of teaching usually causes a student to want to quit piano or to maybe even hate playing piano. Unlike this main stream of piano teachers, Joyce will gladly accommodate to her students’ needs, whether they be the rescheduling of a lesson or a change in difficultly of a song. She will not forcefully imply a certain method of playing on her students, nor will she over work her students. Though Joyce teaches with kindness and consideration, she carries out effective lessons that may be seen through her students’ improvement. She outwardly shows her compassion for not only piano and music but also her students through her seemingly permanent smile that is often reflected by her students. Whether you are a beginner looking for somewhere to start, an intermediate player looking for improvement, an advanced player looking for those “nonexistent” improvements or just someone who is looking for new sheet music, Joyce is the perfect place to start.

Ye (Parent of a Level 10 student)


As a student of Joyce who has completed Level 10 of the CM tests, I can honestly say that Joyce is an excellent piano teacher who has not only improved my skills and knowledge in music but also strengthened my passion for piano and music in general. I would highly recommend Joyce Wang as a piano teacher. 

Jean (Student), age 14


Miss Joyce is the most knowledgable piano teacher I've had, with her method of teaching, I not only learned a lot of musical phrases but also improved my technics. She is very patience and is willing to guide you step by step into the ocean of musical knowledge. As a student I definitely will recommend having her as your teacher.

Henry (Student)


My kids have been seeing Joyce for about 5 years.  I'm so impressed with how quickly my children learned how to read music.  She's very patience and knows how to keep them interested.  I love how she constantly encourages them even when a piece is very difficult for them.  She never stops smiling, but at the same time has such high standard for them.  Thanks Joyce for being an awesome teacher!

Kinya (Parent)


I have been studying with Joyce since September of last year, and am amazed by her teaching expertise and piano skills. No matter how hard the piece is, or how difficult the theory can be, she has gone above and beyond in helping me learn and understand all the aspects of piano. It has been an amazing journey through our lessons together, and I guarantee, to all people learning piano or planning to learn, that you will have a highly satisfying experience with Joyce as a teacher.

Evelyn (Student)