The R10 Turnaround

Have you ever had this aching pain in your heart while walking past a person who seems poor, sad or suffering due to the unfortunate life of poverty? Has it ever made you come to the realisation that what you have by comparison is something to be grateful for, but at times have taken for granted?

I have experienced this many times, and have not often been sure how to go about helping these people, for the obvious reason that in our society we don’t just openly approach strangers because we don’t know who can be trusted, or what could happen, so instead just drop our heads and walk on by.

R10 turnaround is a way of giving instead of walking on by. A time to stop and do something.

How it started: I was walking in Pick ‘n Pay when I saw a man in a blue overall walking in my direction. I looked up and saw what seemed like such a sweet, elderly man, whose face was slightly disfigured (it appeared it may have been from a stroke) and he looked like he had led such a hard life. My heart ached for him. That day I left Pick ‘n Pay with such guilt that I did nothing to help him, and so many others I had noticed before. I wondered to myself: How do you go about helping someone without having to get close to them? What I came up with was, what if I took a R10 note, walked past and just dropped it into his basket. I could either just say in passing, “here this is for you” or not say anything.

Why R10 you may ask? It is simplifying the concept of giving. Encouraging one to give, even if it is just a small amount. It is the smallest note available. A note is easier to drop in a basket or handover than a coin. When you give it doesn’t have to be R10, it is about what is in your heart at that moment and it doesn’t have to be in Pick ‘n Pay. Giving can take place anywhere you choose and the value is up to you. The main thing is, if each of us do something to try and make someone’s life a little better, imagine the compound effect it will have on our society. We all have goodness in our hearts, but society has inhibited us from releasing it. It is time that as a community we start “re-learning” how to be good, kind and patient to those in our paths. We all need to start being nicer to others. Imagine how much happier we will all be. Good deeds create good moments!

One Friday I was at a nice restaurant after work, when a poor man walked past; I realised at that instant he was a R10 Turnaround. We immediately took action and went after the man. You would not believe the immense gratitude this man had. It was such a great moment! Interestingly enough he was just about to go into Pick ‘n Pay. What a wonderful feeling just doing something your gut tells you is right and helping someone else in the process. We continued with our enjoyable restaurant experience, looking around at the people enjoying their comfortable lifestyles; it was so clear to me that we take those less fortunate for granted. The poor man could never imagine sitting in a nice restaurant, enjoying the food and ambience. It is time for everyone to open their hands and hearts and give to others.

Think of how much you can do for someone else. It can be the slightest gesture, but anything with good intention can make the world of difference!

You cannot believe the grateful expressions that come from those you help. It feels way better than anything you could have done with that money – guaranteed!

The moment you open your mind and your heart to this idea, you will see those people you previously chose to ignore and turn around, changing the lives of those in need.