1. SCIO:

This is a device used to detect imbalances, also known as stresses taking place in the body. The SCIO is connected to you via a headband, wrist and ankle straps. It does a scan of the body and sends information to a computer. It assesses your body at a cellular level. Everything in your body vibrates at a certain frequency e.g. lungs, liver etc. If the cell is stressed it will not vibrate at the normal healthy frequency. SCIO provides biofeedback to determine these stressed cells and offers various therapies to help restore the cells to their natural state of health.

Excess stress (e.g. financial, business, relationships etc) is a major contributor towards the physical ailments our body's experience. Other factors include pollution, lack of sleep, dehydration, environmental toxins and our general lifestyle.

A few examples of imbalances (Stresses) detected by the SCIO are:
- Food intolerances / Sensitivities
- Vitamin / Mineral deficiencies
- Sports injuries
- Muscle pains
- Toxicities
- Pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus)
- Mental traumas and emotional ailments

The SCIO offers a variety of programs to help any physical or emotional ailment.

My approach is to give you an overall analyses, make suggestions and work through the SCIO to help you based on your personal needs.

2. Body Type Analysis:

This involves using the principles of Ayurveda developed by Dr Deepak Chopra. An analysis of your body type through a questionnaire to determine the strengths and weaknesses you may have, as well as foods that are complimentary to your body type.