"I discovered SCIO whilst I was in a private hospital undergoing treatment for malaria. My sister-in-law had previous SCIO sessions and after the treatment she spoke so highly of the treatment to her family members and friends. After the third discharge out of the private clinic, and a lot of irritation on my part regarding that this clinic could just not improve my health but was most certainly charging big money for the so called treatment and traditional drugs, I took her suggestion to go for one session. Well, before my first session was over, I felt a warmth surrounding the infected areas and once done I was feeling 50% better than before. I have been back for SCIO sessions (and trashed the traditional medicines for the SCIO health vitamins) and have introduced the treatment to my 9 year old daughter, who has since then never been healthier." Bruce - Joburg

“Thank you so much for Saturday – I am already starting to feel better, and part of that is knowing what effects my stress has had on my body.” Annette - Pretoria

"I cannot tell you how MUCH BETTER I am feeling today! I feel like I’m back to normal, not so tired, my body is not sore, I’m alert & functioning &  I feel like I’m back IN my body instead of being disconnected like a space cadet! Now I can look forward to enjoying my birthday weekend in CT. Thank you SO much!!! Martine – Joburg 

"Thank you for last Saturday and for all of the information that you sent through. I have done a lot of thinking and I really would like to say thank you for how you have managed to help me. Everyone needs to start somewhere and you helped me get there and realise a lot of things I think I had somehow forgotten. I appreciate your kindness and gentleness. Thank you, so much." Megan

"Is it my imagination? Is it psychological? Is it fluke? I don’t care!! All I know is that for the first time in a month I have not had a stiff neck, dull headache and I can feel my left cheek properly. Still feel a bit dizzy but its not constant. Who knows how I will feel in a week!!!! At this rate like a spring chicken again! Thank u!!"Tammy 

Thank you for seeing Craig on Friday.As always he enjoyed the visit.Your observations are very interesting. We can see a very big change in Craig lately. He is doing things that he has never done in his life before. One of them is playing with Lego. He can sit for hours building with the blocks and does not get distracted or bored. His speech and understanding of language is also improving. Generally he is much happier with life. It is so good to see him having fun again! Mary