About Us

The High Desert Sand Fleas Ukulele Club is a bi-monthly gathering of uke minded people who’s family and friends really got sick of them playing around the house and said, “GO FIND SOME OTHER PLACE TO PLAY THAT DAMN THING, WILL YA?”So in March of 2008, or there about (we don’t really care), Kahuna Grande Michael Ve’seart and the ‘I can dig it, he can dig it, we can dig it’ Chris Carlson (can you dig it?), decided to do something about it. And there you have it... the High Desert Sand Fleas Ukulele Club was born.

Our first home was a damp dimly lit room at the Bosque School. I lie; it was the bright and sunny lobby of the performing arts building. Still we did have to bring our own beer. Now we hail in a damp and dimly lit room at the Albuq’que Press Club (full bar) and despite our howling and carrying-on, they have embraced us with arms open. Each club meeting reeks of anarchy. Put a bunch of ukulele players in a room; lock the door and the last one still singing wins. 

We welcome all levels of players and if you act now, not only will you receive the full set of Ginsu knives but we will more than likely loan you a uke until yours comes in the mail.

Feel Free.. And then feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. 

 "The Kahuna Grande" 

Michael Ve’seart