Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica. 


        Employee Investment and Screening based on Labor Force Attachment (with Atsuko Tanaka),
Economics Bulletin
          Working paper version: PDF, online appendix: PDF 

          Pension Reform in Taiwan: a Macroeconomic Analysis (with Atsuko Tanaka and Yu-Hsiang Cheng),
Taiwan Economic Review, accepted
          Working paper version: PDF 

Competitive Dominance of Emission Trading over Pigouvian Taxation in a Globalized Economy (with Seung-Gyu Sim),
Economics LettersVol 163, Pages 158–161, February 2018 
Working paper versionPDF

Working Papers:

        A Shift from Pay-as-You-Go to Individual Retirement Accounts: A Path to a Sustainable Pension System 
Atsuko Tanaka and Po-Shyan Wu), revision requested at Journal of Macroeconomics   
          Latest Version: October 2019. 
          Full Paper: PDF 

        Optimal Insurance Contracts with Limited Commitment and Unobservable Disability 
Kyoungjin Choi, Junkee Jeon, and Hoseok Lee)   
          Latest Version: July 2019. 
          Full Paper: PDF 

        College Loans and Post-Schooling Skill Accumulation 
(with Chao Fu, and Atsuko Tanaka)   
          Latest Version: May 2019. 
          Full Paper: PDF 

Optimal Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance with Cyclical Fluctuations
Latest Version: May 2019. 
Full Paper: draft available upon request

Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Statistical Discrimination, Occupational Sorting, and Career Opportunities 
  • Removing Disability Insurance Coverage: The Effects on Work Incentive and Occupation Choice
     (with Atsuko Tanaka, and Ha Nguyen)
  • Efficient Allocations in a Dynamic Moral Hazard Economy (with Noah Williams)
  • Disability Insurance and the Business Cycles: A Structural Model and Estimation (with Atsuko Tanaka)

Masters Thesis: Large Deviations from the Hydrodynamic Limit of the Generalized Symmetric Exclusion Process
Latest Version: June 2007. 
Full Paper: PDF