Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica.

I am an assistant research fellow in the Institute of Economics at Academia Sinica. My research interests are in the field of macroeconomics and labor economics.

You can find my CV here.


  • Between Lives and Economy: Optimal COVID-19 Containment Policy in Open Economies (with Wen-Tai Hsu and Han Yang), Revision Requested, European Economic Review

Latest Version: February 2021

Full Paper: PDF, SSRN online appendix: PDF

  • College Loans and Post-Schooling Skill Accumulation (with Chao Fu, and Atsuko Tanaka), Revision Requested, International Economic Review

Latest Version: December 2021

Full Paper: PDF

Latest Version: July 2022

Full Paper: PDF, SSRN

  • Estimating the Direct and Indirect Costs of Health Reduction: Evidence from Administrative Data (with Heng-Jui Chang, Chih-han Hsueh and Atsuko Tanaka)

Latest Version: August 2022

Full Paper: draft available upon request

  • Optimal Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance with Cyclical Fluctuations

Latest Version: May 2019.

Full Paper: SSRN


Working paper version: SSRN

Working paper version: PDF, online appendix: PDF

Working paper version: PDF, online appendix: PDF

Working paper version: PDF

Working paper version: PDF


  • Statistical Discrimination, Occupational Sorting, and Career Opportunities (with Atsuko Tanaka)

  • Efficient Allocations in a Dynamic Moral Hazard Economy (with Noah Williams)

  • Disability Insurance and the Business Cycles: A Structural Model and Estimation (with Atsuko Tanaka)


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