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2018 Photo Contest Winners & Challengers

Challenge for June 2018: Creative Close-ups!
"Spirals" by Steve Bohlert; "Powerscourt Tulip" by Susan Miyasaka; "Classic Car" by Demetra Reynolds; "Monkeypod Blossom" by Lee Schechtman; and "Queen of the Night" by Chris King. Copyright 2018 by S. Bohlert, S. Miyasaka, D. Reynolds, L. Schechtman, and C. King.

Challenge for May 2018: Birds!
"I`o" by Bud Kinsey; "`I`iwi on Mamane at Hosmer's Grove" by JB Friday; "Heron" by Lee Schechtman; "Wandering Tattler (Ulili)" by Susan Miyasaka; and "Chicken" by Ellen Train. 
Copyright 2018 by B. Kinsey, JB Friday, L. Schechtman, S.C. Miyasaka, and E. Train.

Challenge for April 2018: "Black & White Botanicals"
Nuns Orchid
"Argyroxiphium sandwicense" by JB Friday; "Elephant Ear" by Lee Schechtman; "Nun's Orchid" by Steve Bohlert; "Backyard Dictyophora" by Leomi Bergknut; "Palm Patterns" by Demetra Reynolds; and "Maiapilo" by Pauline Matayoshi.  Copyright 2018 by JB Friday, L. Schechtman, S. Bohlert, L. Bergknut, D. Reynolds, and P. Matayoshi.

Winner of March 2018 contest with theme "In the Kitchen"
"Hot Coffee" by Anubhav.  Copyright 2018 by Anubhav.

Winner of February 2018 contest with theme "Heaven, Earth, or Underworld"
"Mauna Kea Full Moon" by Christina Bjornen.
  Copyright 2018 by C. Bjornen.

Winner of January 2018 contest with theme "Environmental Portrait"
"21st Century Gentleman Farmer" by Ellen Train.  Copyright 2017 by E. Train.