About Us

These pictures were taken during Feb. 4 outing to the "Drain" in Kona.  "Jeff photographing the Drain" by Susan Miyasaka; "June holding the sun" by Ken Jackson; "Ken" by Susan; "Susan" by Ken; "Joy 1" by Susan and "Joy 2" by Ken; and "Group of Ken, Susan, Joy, Jeff & June" by Susan.  Copyright 2017 by S.C. Miyasaka and K. Jackson.

Hawaii Photo Shooters is a digital photography club for beginners and mentors.  Members believe that everyone can help each other by sharing their particular area of expertise or special places to photograph. 
Digital photography today is a complex mix of both art and computer software.  Club meetings will feature a speaker who will present basic lessons involving either the art or science of digital photography.  In addition, we will share our digital photographs or slide shows, as well as tips about photo shooting that we have learned.  Outings are planned so that members can practice what they have learned.

We meet on the 2nd Thursdays of each month at the Komohana Agriculture Research & Extension Center, 875 Komohana St., Hilo, HI 96720.  Outings will be planned for each month announced either via email or at the club meetings.

"Joy at Mauna Lani Beach", "Ken Jackson and Grass Shack" by Susan Miyasaka; "Joy and Jean at Anaehoomalu Bay", "Susan, Joy & Tamara at Anaehoomalu Bay", and 
"Susan at Mauna Lani Hotel" by Ken Jackson; "Series of photographers", and "Aloha from Ken, Susan & Joy" by Tamara Brown; "Ken with Sunset" by Joy San Buenaventura.  Copyright 2016 by S. Miyasaka, K. Jackson. T. Brown, and J. San Buenaventura.

Pictures taken during July outing to Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden: "Jay" by Ken Jackson; "Shadows" by Jahanava Baldassarre. 

Panaewa Zoo Outing on April

"Demetra and Pauline at zoo" by Susan Miyasaka; "Susan and Pauline at zoo" by Demetra Reynolds"; and "Ken and Susan at zoo" by Tamara Brown.  Copyright 2016 by S.C. Miyasaka, D. Reynolds, and T. Brown.


Member Ken Jackson is back home in Hilo!  Pictures are as follows: "Welcoming committee", "Ken is back!"; photographs by S.C. Miyasaka.  "Keaukaha Wave Rocks" is Ken's image from the Fountain Gallery exhibit in February 2016.  "As a man who has gone down to the sea in ships and felt the fury of her storms, I humbly stand at the sea coast to honor her power."

Fountain Gallery exhibit February 2016

Opening reception of Fountain Gallery exhibit on 5 February 2016.  Kate of "Chance `Um Trio", Steve, Lee, Tamara, Demetra, and Randi.  Copyright 2016 by R. Schneider and S.C. Miyasaka.

Ken, Demetra, Randi, Tamara, Susan & Linus Chao at our recent outing.  Copyright 2015 T. Brown.

Honoli`i Outing - Oct. 3, 2015

Honoli`i Outing on Oct. 3, 2015 organized by Mary Bowman-Dement.  "Early morning surf stroll", "How to photograph a flower", and "Mary, Pauline, and Ken shooting the breeze."  Copyright 2015 S.C. Miyasaka.

Opening Reception HMOCA

Opening Reception of exhibit "Big Island: In the Eye of the Beholder" at Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art/ EHCC.  "Exhibit", "Ken", "Steve", "Nancy", "Sam, Susan, Demetra, and Joy", "Bryn", and "Jean" by Ken Jackson.  Copyright 2015 by K. Jackson.

January 2015 outing with Jeff Ikeda

Hawaii Photo Shooters at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park outing with Jeff Ikeda.  "Sharing His Knowledge" by Demetra Reynolds.  Copyright 2015 by D. Reynolds.

HVNP Outing with Jack Jeffrey

Hawaii Photo Shooters at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park outing with Jack Jeffrey.  "Dawn Shooter" by Ray Lara; "Jack and Susan photographing a native plant" by Nancy Chaney.  Copyright 2014 by each photographer.

Outing for Mauna Kea Sunrise and Hakalau Open House

"Hawaii Photo Shooters at Mauna Kea Sunrise 1 and 2", "Silhouette of Bob", and "Ken" by Tamara Brown; and "Susan" taken by Nancy Chaney.  Copyright 2014 by each photographer. 

People Portraits at Panaewa Zoo

"Hawaii Photo Shooters at Zoo" and "Ray" by Kenneth Jackson; "Steve" taken by Susan Miyasaka and modified by Steve; "Tamara" by Susan Miyasaka; and "Fisheye Ken" by Tamara Brown.  Copyright 2014 by each photographer.

People shots from Kona outing

 "Joy, framed at Honokohau National Historic Park" by Susan Miyasaka; and "Photographer's silhouette at Anaeho`omalu Bay" by Joy San Buenaventura.  Copyright 2013 by each photographer.