Madhva awareness

Patience is the only Penance


-          Kannada Article by Sheshagiri K.M


Today there have been numerous continued attacks on Brahmin Community. Politics has been used and Caste system is being dragged against people who are trying to oppose these attacks. Dangerous people who consider themselves as “Intellectuals” or Secular have been indulging themselves in such acts either to stabilize their political gain or to increase the publication or rating of their Publications or Channels. The reason is they know that Brahmins would not start a protest in the name of religion like others. They also know that population of Brahmin community is very Low. As a result we are the easiest community to be exploited.


Take the case of either Kanchi’s Swamiji or Udupi temple or Nadageethe … background is the “Brahmin opposing  Group“ .So called Intellectuals who are waiting for such opportunity reap their benefits from such incidents. Interestingly Main danger is more from people who are Brahmins by birth and find it disgrace to call themselves as Brahmins in society than from Brahmin opposing Non-Brahmin community. If Brahmins had made an effort to save our culture such a situation would not have arose.


If an Individual has to gain leadership among people of his community he has to criticize other communities especially Brahmins more importantly people who follow the culture. They believe this is politics. Today a community’s respect and existence is based on the population of that community. Community having more population gets the first priority. Accepting their demands and agreeing to their views is politics. In Brahmins people in power are Scarce. And who are in power find it disgrace to call themselves a Brahmin


Recently a survey was conducted and the results of which are presented here with. Just as any other surveys although we this survey cannot be claimed as 100% accurate we can get an idea of the state of affairs from the results.


Today Indian Population has crossed 107 crores. Out of which population of Brahmin community is less than 3%.Compared to overall Indian population we Madhwa Brahmins are 0.2%. If religious institutions , students of institutions and people who have accepted Sri Madhwacharya as their Guru and follow his  philosophy are called as “Madhwa” then there are about  18-20 lakh (Including Gouda Saraswat and followers of Parthgali Mutt) Madhwa. For 18-20 lakh people there are 23-24 religious Institutions


As mentioned before this is very approximate figure. If the main Followers are 10lakhs -12 lakhs, secondary followers are about 3.5 lakhs to 4.5 Lakhs and Gouda Saraswats are about 5 lakhs


Further among these people since only 2 subsects (Main Stream Brahmins and few Toulava Communities) have been practicing the Culture for further statistics only these 2 communities have been taken into consideration.  Out of total population in these 2 Sects only 80-90 people are studying in religious institutions and Vidyapeetas. And among them about 60% have are rendering services as priests and remaining 40 % are Involved in religious Studies.

This means for every 65,000 people there is One Scholar. Even among 40% people involved in religious studies only 40% are involved in giving religious discourses remaining are pursuing their career in Educational Institutions as lecturers.




Some promising points have come to light as well. If viewed from Unity point we are more united compared to before. Compared to other Brahmin communities Madhwa community is more united. Reason for this is widespread RaghavendraSwamy Mutts. And Programs such as conferences, religious functions such as aradhanas, and musical concerts from Dasa Sahitya Projects. It will not be wrong to say that today due to presence of  RaghavendraSwamy Mutts in many cities, villages and different layouts in Bangalore Madhwas are continuing to perform “pitRukaarya”(tradition to offer respects to our ancestors).If not for these Mutts probably people would not have done “pitRukaarya”





These days thanks to technology, more and more books from Madhwa scholars are being published. In 2004 about 400 books are published in the year compared to about 30 books that was published in 1940’s. It is welcoming to see that so many unpublished works are also being bought to light.


Following Traditions


Although we see some hope and light in some areas there is a fear of total darkness in other areas. For e.g.: Only 3% of Madhwa are fasting 100% (Nirahara) .This figure could be wrong or right but fact that number of people following Ekadashi is going down is true. In early 1980s revolutions by people like Bannanje Raghavendra Theertha, Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya and others increased the number of people following Ekadashi in early 1990s .It can be noted that by 2004 numbers have gone down again. If the trend continues by 2025 only 0.02% will follow Ekadashi.



Today only 18% people are continuing to perform Sandhyavandhana and other daily pooja routines. Priests disagree to this and say that there are more people who are doing Nitya Karmas. But common people are of the opinion that number is less than 18%. People who move among philosophical circles opine that there are more than 18% people and others negate it. But from overall point of view survey has shown that about 18-20% people follow Sandhyavandhana and other daily routines.


Steps towards Deteriorations

Some people have not scheduled Dharmacharane in their day-to-day routines. But to the outside world they pose themselves as strict followers of the religion. These people don’t even know the fact that it was not acceptable to eat food in Hotels.

Some people eat in hotels due to circumstances, work related travel etc and others due to temptations and taste. To say that this is “Not acceptable” is not acceptable in today’s world. People eating Meat and all forms of food are increasing with easy excuse of “Circumstance”. People who say this is wrong are considered criminals.


Inter-caste Marriage

If this is criticized than the people who criticized this concept are consider “anti-social” elements. “Intellectuals” classify them as “Reactionaries” (An opponent of progress or liberalism; an extreme conservative)

If Brahmin Magazines publish this it is like feast to “Intellectuals”. In Christian or Muslim communities there is welcome for people to convert to their religions. This is impossible for Brahmins. The only option left is to stop our people from moving out without force. This battle is inevitable to prevent our culture from going to ruins. Today in our community there are about 300 inter-caste marriages. If the trend continues………. there will not be any words to describe the situation.

There are certain reasons for inter-caste marriages happening today.

1. Media

2. Dowry and other forms of Social Menaces and Poverty

3. Education system directed towards high-class society and people encouraging it.

4. Scarcity of appropriate Knowledge and failure to impart essential culture to our future generation.

5. Today usually parents of girls who are of age 21 and above start match-making for their daughters. But right grooms of age 25-26 are not established enough to get married. By the time they complete their Graduations and are established financially they have crossed 30 years. Parents of girls who are 21 find it in inappropriate to see their young daughters get married to older grooms. So they decide to look for well established grooms from other communities. This might be one of the reasons there could be several other reasons.

There are about 65% girls who get into inter-caste marriages and 35% boys.


Today’s situation is like this. People who think that it is a crime to even think of such issues is a crime are more in number. Such people exist within us and are leading us tin the path of destruction. It has gone to extent that TV Soaps are being telecasted which from outside looks like a serial showcasing our culture but in reality showcasing wrong facts and criticizing our traditions .Our People quitter to oppose it. It has become common hobby of people ignorant of religion to write what ever they want about Madhwa community and Madhwacharya. And these “Intellectuals” people will never ever come forward to debate and prove themselves right.

Interestingly they have not had any problems from us. But it is the hobby of these “Intellectuals”. Today since Madhwas follow strict rules with our traditions they have targeted us. And so called Brahmins who belong to other sub-sects consider such accusations against Madhwas as none of their business and practice “Divine Silence”


Ask your Conscience… where are we heading towards??? On a path where there is no destination?