My name is Harshala Rajesh and I am a follower of Sriman Madhwacharya by birth, marriage and personal interest. I am a Software Test Engineer by profession.  When my father Dr.Susheelendra was visiting me few years back, I got him few books to spend time. At that time he mentioned that after retirement he has decided not to read anything which is not related to Dvaita philosophy. The material in this website was collected  to get him reading materials related to Dvaita Philosophy. This opened a whole new chapter in my life as well. Ever since I started, I have learnt and continue to learn about the great Master and his philosophy leading to the Supreme Lord.
Most of the material are collected from various Dvaita Sources and I have gathered it as I have progressed in my learning. I salute to all the people who have contributed in different platforms.
My Uncle Jois Vijayendrachar is my mentor and has imparted lot of knowledge to me. I have a page for him here .
My only contributions are in the section "My other works in progress"  where I am trying to translate complete Mahabaharata Tatparya Nirnaya of Acharya Madhwa based on the kannada translation by Dr.Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya and also Bhagavadgeeta again based on Kannada translation by Dr.V.Prabhanjanacharya.
I had an oppurtunity to give a discourse on bhagavadgita... below is the link to the audio recording of the same
I hope this site helps other like-minded people.
For comments or suggestions please email me at harshala_rajesh@yahoo.com