A small group of devotees with the grace of SriHariVayuGurugalu, blessings of Puttige Sri His Holiness 1008 Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji and leadership of Smt.Sujata Narasimha have been offering service to Supreme Lord through Guru Raghavendraswami's Alankara Brindavana in Toronto. We hope to make this a seat of learning in North America and spread Acharya Madhwa's Siddanta in all possible ways and thus render our small services.In this direction our first step is to have a place to receive SriKrishna,Hanumanthadevaru and Rayara Mrittika Brindavana which is ready and being worshipped in Udupi. We have started to raise funds for this cause.

If you have found that even a minute of your time spent on this website was worth it and if you wish to contribute and help us in our noble cause please feel free to email us at

Our First Initiative Has begun on Auspicious day of Navaratri - Sep 19 2009.
A group of 6 youths ages 10- 20 have enrolled and started free classes to learn Acharya Madhwa's Dwadasha Stora Recital .Classes will be mailed every week with one shloka of the First Stotra (Vandevandyam), Simple Meaning and recitation to aide in Pronunciation.