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NOTE: I do not use Canvas. If you are a student in my online class, follow directions in your syllabus to log in to MyOpenMath, which is a FREE online math system, where you do math work, where I keep your grades, etc.
NOTE: The State of California accreditation standard requires that 1 unit of Academic Credit represents a minimum of 48 total hours of student work. For a 4 unit class meeting 16 weeks, that represents 12 hours a week. Be prepared to devote that much time if you take one of my classes. More info (p. 10) here   
Click for all SURF Instructions including enrollment, adding or dropping classes, wait lists, permission numbers, fees, updating your info/email/phone number in SURF, class schedules, grades, transcripts, etc.

To enroll or get on the wait list for one of my classes, you must meet the prerequisite and not have already taken the class 3 times. Permission numbers do not override either  requirement. See bottom of page for more info. To enroll in an open class, log on to SURF and add my class. If the class is closed, add yourself to the wait-list. Info from Admissions regarding waitlisted students: Prior to the start of the class, a nightly process will attempt to auto enroll students into any available seats. Information regarding success, payment required and problems will be communicated to students via e-mail. 

If you have problems adding yourself to an open classes or to a wait-list, contact Admissions and Records or the Help Desk for assistance. Issuing you a permission number will not help if you can't do it in SURF. Click here for a SURF tutorialsClick for Wait list procedures 

Enrolled students in online classes are required to enroll in the free open source software called MyOpenMath and submit work online the first day of class, and actively spend at least 4 hours in the online materials each week submitting homework, or may be dropped. Students taking my class on campus must attend each class the first 2 weeks, and must follow my attendance policy, or may be dropped. Prior to the first official day of class, info to enrolled online students will be posted here and also emailed using the email in SURF. Make sure your email is correct in SURF. Click Here to learn how to Update Info/Email/Phone number in SURF.

Students in my Algebra classes need regular, reliable access to computer/internet to watch videos, print materials, and use a free online site called MyOpenMath (MOM) to submit homework. Students need to print out HW packets or complete video notebooks, and deliver any written HW to me as directed. The majority of the grade is based on proctored tests, which must be taken on campus. Students need to learn and master the material and demonstrate that by doing well on proctored test to pass the class. Doing well on HW is not the same as mastering or learning the material/concepts. Click Here if you need to take a test out of the county, or need to email written work to me.

Most of my classes use open educational software, so students do not need to purchase a regular book or online access codes. There may be packets written by me you may purchase or print which may be required for you to submit as written homework.
Click here for information about the open software: You can create an account and try it out before class begins. 

WAIT LIST AND PERMISSION NUMBERS: I assign permission numbers to students on the wait list if space becomes available in the class at the start of the semester. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL ME TO OBTAIN A PERMISSION NUMBER unless it's PAST the deadline to get on the wait list. Get on the wait list immediately if a class is closed, and check email daily before class begins. If you are on the wait list and I issue you a permission number, I will email you specific instructions. If I issue a permission number, add the class on SURF within 24 hours or it may expire. Click here for Directions for enrolling with a permission number 
NOTE: Permission numbers do not override prerequisites, holds, debts, class conflicts, repeats, add deadlines or any other enrollment restrictions. Prerequisite info: A student unable to enroll in an open class in SURF should contact Admissions and Records or a counselor or the Student Help Desk. 

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If you are taking Elementary Algebra and need to brush up on Prealgebra, go to

If you are taking Intermediate Algebra and need to brush up on Elementary Algebra, go to this site Elementary Algebra covers everything through Chapter 7.

If you are unable to enroll in a class this semester, please enroll as early as possible the next semester. 

More info about Enrollment Policies and Procedures can be found at:

To determine if my course will count as a high school course, contact Admissions or a Counselor at MiraCosta AND at the high school.

The maximum number of enrollments, including withdrawals (W’s), for regular courses will be limited to THREE. Please plan carefully. Math courses cannot generally be repeated once the student receives a grade equivalent to a “C” or better. Students who receive a grade of D, F, NP or W, may repeat up to two times (a total of three enrollments). In the case of D, F, and NP grades, if a subsequent grade (other than W or MW or I) is received, the first grade will be bracketed and does not count in the grade point average. A student may have a substandard grade bracketed in this manner up to two times. Students who have not successfully completed a course in the above scenarios, may petition for an additional repetition. The student must provide documentation to prove that there were extenuating circumstances beyond their control which resulted in the unsuccessful completion of the class in question. Students may also petition for an additional repetition (even after successful completion) if the course has a recency requirement and that there has been a significant lapse of time since the previous enrollment. The student must submit the petition to the Committee on Exceptions (documentation is required) and allow ample time for review prior to enrollment. Only one petition per course for extenuating circumstances OR significant lapse of time may be approved.

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