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New product!
 Wishing cloud in presentation box (15x18x2.5 cm), 
                                          Series 2, limited addition, £ 19 (incl. P&P)
 Wishing cloud in presentation box (15x18x2.5cm),
                                          Series 2, limited addition, £ 19 (incl. P&P)

 Merino wool scarf in shades of green (or order                                                              your colour combination): £ 29 (plus P&P)
  Exclusive white silk and Merino scarf with a splash of pink                                           and grey: £ 39 (plus P&P)
  Merino wool, all sorts of colours available; please                                                             contact me 
  Necklace with detachable flower : chose a                                                                       colour, add one or two flowers (which could also be                                                         used as a brooch at another time). Different length                                                           of necklaces available by doing or undoing                                                                       knots.                                                           

    Nuno felted scarf using fine cotton:
                                                          £ 25 (plus P&P)

  Felt making Kits (NEW): chose from making felted                                                           beads/ making felted flowers/ making a felted                                                                   picture: each £ 6.00 (plus P&P), each bag includes                                                         clear step by step instructions with pictures, a                                                                   selection of coloured Merino wool and if needed                                                               bubble wrap. You need to add soap. Suitable from 8                                                      8 years onwards.