I use mainly recycled glass: broken windows and bottles get a new life. I up-cycle! The glass is softened in a kiln and sticks together during that process. No glue is needed.
Metal pieces, wire and cookie cutters (for example) can be incorporated, sandwiched between pieces of glass. Interesting effects appear: the colour of the metal changes, the glass might bubble up or the surface and colour of the glass changes. Lots of surprises happen. Every piece is unique and can not be reproduced.
Most pieces are framed in a 20x20 cm or 25x25 cm simple wooden deep frame. I use the natural colour of the wood or white-wash the frame. The background is a matching quality paper, sometimes a unique hand printed paper.
One of my series is called "icicles" where I use thinly cut pieces of glass shards.
Quite recently I started to create "wishing clouds" as unique gifts sold in a presentation box. 
I also create landscape or still life compositions - it really depends on the different materials and how they inspire me. Be surprised and inspired!