Webelos Scout Uniform

The Webelos Uniform

As your son is getting ready to complete his years as a Cub Scout, 4th and 5th Grade Webelos

can choose to wear their blue Cub Scout shirt or switch over to the tan Boy Scout uniform shirt (more info). This is the same uniform shirt they will continue to wear as a Boy Scout. Most Webelos start wearing the tan shirt by the time they are Webelos 2s in 5th grade.

Required (when purchasing the tan scout shirt):

  • Shirt (Short or Long Sleeve - long sleeve recommended. Cotton Rich Poplin or Polyester Microfiber)
  • Webelos Colors (#3)
  • Webelos Neckerchief (Provided by Pack 177 when your scout bridges in May)
  • Slide (Provided by Pack 177 when your scout bridges in May)
  • Blue Shoulder Loops (#1)
  • World Crest Emblem (#5)
  • Council Patch
  • Red Pack Numerals - 177
  • Webelos Handbook (provided by Pack 177 in the Fall)


  • Belt - highly recommended as they will earn belt loops as Webelos 1s and 2s
  • Baseball cap w/Webelos emblem

The uniform will be used through their early years as a Boy Scout (grades 6-7) - so size it appropriately.


  • Pants or Shorts
  • Socks