Tall al-Hamidiya, Syria

Since 1984 a Swiss Archaeological Mission has been excavating on Tall al-Hamidiya in the Khabur-Region (Northeast Syria).

Tall al-Hamidiya

The main goal of the project is to unearth Taidu, the capital of the Mitannian empire, which between the 17th and 13th centuries B.C.controlled Northern Syria. The Tall as a potential site of the capital was selected based on written sources and on an archaeological survey in 1982.

On this website we will inform about the on-going work in Tall al-Hamidiya. A German language website with the works until 2007 is to be found here.

The project has been directed by Prof. Dr. Markus Wäfler, University of Bern. Since 2008 Dr. Oskar Kaelin has acted as a co-director.

The excavation results have hitherto been published in four volumes (TH 1-4) and several articles.