When we had our child, my partner and I decided we'd wait for our kid to decide how he wanted to be on social media, which left me in a conundrum: after sharing my life over the internet - all the way back to Livejournal days in the early 2000s - how do I share this massive change in my life without sharing the center of it?

My answer was pictures of the evidence of our child and texts that shared my inner journey - the things I was noticing, feeling, and experiencing as a new mom, many almost as a letter to my pre-child self. As if to tell her, "No, you will not lose your voice. You will not disappear behind your child. Your life will crack open, you will expand, the power of who you are will have a conduit, and all these things you never understood will make so much sense."

That effort naturally evolved into poetry, and I've been sharing it through my Instagram and Facebook since 2019.

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