My work as a poet and activist in Jocelyn’s Corner began to give rise to requests for help with copy from friends in the Spiritual Healing and Life Coaching industries. Having been a self-professed “personal development junkie” for at least ten years already, the work has been an excellent fit.

I specialize in brand story - meaning I draw out your story and reflect it back to you in the fullness of your power, weaving together threads whose connections you may not have seen. I find the work is especially fulfilling, and a bit ironic:

After years of working so hard to get others to see me, it is now my job to truly see others in their power and write in their voice from that space.

I’ve watched it have a healing and empowering effect on my clients, not only giving them clarity about their offer and their business, but clarity about their very selves and their purpose in this world.

They call me the “CEO Whisperer”. I love it.

You can find all offers for budding and established online businesses here.

I have two offers specifically for artists to help you make your presence online express who you are now in the most potent and authentic way possible. And you can only find them here: