p-adic L-functions day in Cambridge

p-adic L-functions day in Cambridge

Mini-conference at Cambridge University

June 1st 2016

Organizers: G. Rosso, J. Thorne

This one day conference will focus on p-adic L-functions. We hope that this event will be an opportunity for people in Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry to approach a new fascinating topic and for people with a good background to learn the state of art in the subject. There will be both introductory and research focused talks.


Yukako Kezuka, Cambridge

David Loeffler, Warwick

Guhan Venkat, University College London and Warwick

Christopher Williams, Warwick

Sarah Zerbes, University College London


9-9.30 Welcome coffee and tea

9.30-10.30 Sarah Zerbes: Euler systems for Rankin–Selberg convolutions and generalisations

11-12 David Loeffler: Iwasawa theory for the symmetric square of a modular form

12-13.30 Sandwich lunch

13.30-14.30 Chris Williams: Overconvergent modular symbols and p-adic L-functions for GL(2)

14.30-15.30 Yukako Kezuka: On the main conjecture for elliptic curves with complex multiplication

15.30-16 Coffee Break

16-17 Guhan Venkat: Darmon cycles and the Kohnen-Shintani lifting

You can find the abstracts here.


The talks will be held at the DPMMS in room MR 11, Building B first floor.


Registration is mandatory. If you desire to attend, please send a mail to this address before May 15th. There will be a small inscription fee of to cover coffee breaks and lunch; if you are attending you should pay the inscription fee here by May 23rd.


This conference is founded by the LMS conference grant 11555. If you are a UK based PhD student or young post-doc, there is limited funding to cover your travel and local expenses. Please say that you request funding when you inscribe.

Participants with childcare responsibilities are encouraged to apply for the supplementary grants offered by the LMS.