I am Giovanni Rosso, assistant professor at Concordia University.

Before I was
Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow at the DPMMS in Cambridge where I co-organised the Number Theory Seminar with Jack Thorne, and a fellow at Pembroke College.
And before that  I have been a visitor at Columbia University thanks to a FWO travel grant.  
I completed my PhD in mathematics at KULeuven and Paris 13, under the direction of prof. J.Nicaise and prof. J.Tilouine.
My research subject is number theory. 

More precisely, I have been working on the derivative of p-adic L-functions for the symmetric square of a modular form in different cases: ordinary, finite slope, or ordinary over a totally real field. I now generalise these results to Siegel forms and apply them in the study of the Main Conjecture.

You can write me here.  

I helped organising this exciting conference in Algebraic Geometry in Cambridge.