Welding accident causes garage fire in Groby

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Two fire crews from Leicester were called to Castell Drive, in Groby, at about 7.40pm on Tuesday 1st April.  
Read more in the Mercury 
Brookvale High school rated outstanding
Click here to read the Leicester Mercury story
Bloors decision 
The High Court has ordered the Secretary of State  to re-examine the Bloor Homes' application to build on land next to  Groby cemetery.

 Leicestershire County Council is to focus it's dwindling resources in protecting a core network of 17 libraries.   The remaining 37, including libraries in Groby, Anstey, Ratby and Markfield would be threatened with closure if no community group comes forward to take them on.
Budgens will pay your bus fare
If you would like to shop at Budgens but need to get there by bus the store is offering you a special deal until the end of April.  Spend at least £5  there and they will pay your bus fare one way up to a maximum of £2. Tobacco products, lottery, stamps and electronic payments will not count towards the minimum spend.  Don't forget to save your bus ticket!
Arriva 26  - change the route or change the timetable?
The change to the route of the 26 Arriva bus service through the village from 13 January has taken residents by surprise. But what should have been changed - the route or the timetable? Read more.

Santander to close in Groby
Santander has announced plans to cease trading from their agency outlet in Groby.  In a letter to customers they apologised for any inconvenience this might cause.  The company said it is working closely with the agency to agree when it will stop providing santander banking services and an announcement will follow.

Controversial planning application
Residents have voiced their concerns at a public meeting  about the planning application for 4 caravans on land at the rear of Wallace Drive.  They believe it is totally unsuitable on land 
which does not have suitable or safe vehicular access and is 
in the open countryside next to an important Site of Special Scientific Interest  (SSSI).  Groby residents are urged to contact their local councillors  to seek advice on how best to make their views known to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council before the application is condidered by the members.

For further details contact:   
Cllr. Peter Batty - Tel: 
 291 2284  (peter.batty@ntlworld.com)  or  
Cllr. Ozzy O'Shea - Tel: 0116 239 4336 (ozzyoshea@hotmail.com)

Who was painter Norman Ellis?

Tucked away in a storage room there is a small collection of paintings by Norman Ellis.   The majority are Leicestershire scenes, some of the city but four featuring Groby Old Hall. 
New Parish councillor
Mr Barry Jones was elected to Groby Parish Council by co-option in January 2014.  He attended his first full Council meeting on 3rd February.
The company's challenge to the decision of the Planning Inspector went to court in Birmingham on 16th December and the decision has been referred back to the Secretary of State for 're-determination.'   In the meantime the 2013 Borough Council review of sites put forward for development in Groby can be seen online.

 If you are a shareholder in the Community Interest Company formed to buy the meadow on Newtown Linford Lane this was an important date for you to put in your diary.  
Read more about this and how  security has been improved at the Meadow on Newtown Linford Lane with the fitting of a new gate and height barrier.   

Members of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council voted to support the proposal by the Chief Executive to make a Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire and restore the land to a use commensurate with its proper planning purpose. 
A new Rotary club is being formed for men and women in the and Groby,Ratby, Markfield and Glenfield. The first meetings were held on the 21st and 29 January at the Heathley Park restaurant, Groby Road, LE3 9QE 
There are lots of willing hands to assist the Parish Council  but the only wheels to help them with any larger loads that need moving are those of their contractors. Some thought has been given to ways this shortcoming could be resolved, and two solutions have been suggested for members to consider. 

 Follow the link to watch a video of the choir singing and read the latest news about the event held on November 30 and December 1st at Groby Community College.  Groby Sings rehearsals  started again at Groby Club on Leicester Road in February.  

Groby Parish Council contractors have now started the construction of new multi use games area(MUGA) with floodlights and additional car park on Quarry Park.  Read about this and background stories, or go to the application details by  by following this link.

If you feel that you want to try a different way of helping people who have demonstrated that they are committed to helping themselves you may find this microfinance scheme rewarding.  

With the lights operational the contractors successfully completed the work before Christmas.
Open Reach has been busy installing fibre optic cable in the village in preparation for the roll out of faster broadband. But some users report  increased service problems with broadband. 
Cryptolocker is ransomeware, a destructive blackmailer's tool, a program that infects your PC and then encrypts your personal files so that you cannot access them.  Would you pay?
If someone calls you and tells you there's a virus on your PC it could be a scam. Read all about it and stay safe

Don't buy goods or services on your doorstep
Individuals dressed in yellow high visibility jackets have been active in the Leicester Road area and it is reported that they offered to re-do the drive of a resident. Although they said they are working on the A50, and have some surplus tarmac to use up, it appears that these are not County Council contractors. Anyone approached should contact the Trading Standards Department. If you receive any reports of similar trading activity please contact Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06 or email telltradingstandards@leics.gov.uk. Trading Standards advise all residents not to open their doors to strangers or buy goods or services on their doorsteps.

The forty mile an hour speed limit introduced on the A50 is now being enforced.  The 40mph zone is in two stretches. One is to the north west of Groby, around Bradgate Hill, and the other between the two roundabouts in Field Head, reports the Leicester Mercury.  
Leicestershire County Council needs to save £100 million over the next 5 years. Take a look at the results

Image description
Locally based blues/rock star Aynsley Lister and his  fiancée/manager  Steph Wildey have reason to be excited.  What started as a personal relationship is blossoming into a wider partnership with the launch of their own record label,  Straight Talkin’ Records.

There has been a new survey to assess current needs.  Read the conclusions of the draft report.

Read all about the reunion of classmates and teacher Mrs Jenny Brewer.

                     BMX news - 2013 sees Groby BMX revival

Beacon Field task force
 The clean up of Beacon Field by GE Sensing working party on September 10 went ahead as planned. “We had a team of 30 individuals from GE volunteering to help,” said Steve Chalmers. “It was great fun. Unfortunately, the only helper from the community that turned up was Mr Fitzgerald, the headmaster at the school, but he did an outstanding job helping us with the BBQ. Amongst our team we had 24 volunteering leaders from across UK and Ireland, 6 more volunteers from the Groby site, 3 of our senior executives and a Welsh International rugby player! "
Steve would be pleased to have suggestions or requests for other ways GE volunteers could help in the community, and can be contacted by email at Steve.Chalmers@ge.com.

Armed robbery at Ratby Road jewellery store
Police are appealing for witnesses to an armed robbery at at the Ratby Road store at 10.45am on Friday August 23.     More
Read why parking charges were introduced at the Stamford Arms overflow car park  on August 5th 2013.

             Garden of Remembrance praised
Councillor Bill Crooks, Executive Member for Rural Affairs at the Borough Council has praised the new garden opened in July 2013. "It is an excellent facility that will benefit the whole village," he said. "It is far better than any memorial garden I have seen and it’s something that the Parish Council and Groby residents should be proud of. Everyone concerned has worked really hard to obtain sponsorship and funding and their efforts are reflected in the superb quality of the finished garden."

Concerns over evening functions at Forest Rise
Groby Community Centre

Residents who live near the Community Centre on Forest Rise have expressed their concern about the evening use of the premises during the hot weather. Neighbours report having to close their windows because of the noise during the first hot spell of the summer 2013. The centre only has 5 parking spaces and advertises availability from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday or 7pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.  

Councillor Peter Batty approached the Borough Council’s Sheltered Housing Team last month with the concerns of residents. The council says that those local residents who have access to the council’s 24hr Control Centre via an alarm system in their properties should use the system if they have any concerns about anyone using the community centre. There are staff on call at all times to respond immediately.

“Until recently a community room was available to hire for private parties up until 9pm,” explained a spokesperson for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. The council was unaware of the noise problem but undertook an immediate review of the booking restrictions for the Centre. It is now proposed that the Centre will only be available to hire up until 7pm and only then for meetings and young children’s parties (children of up to ten years). Alcohol is prohibited on site.

Groby On the buses...
The highlight for many at the Elizabeth Woodville School Fete on the 29th June 2013 was a ride on this 1950 AEC Double Decker.  Passengers were taken on a trip around the village of Groby by driver Mr Andrew Gamble.  The bus is decorated with authentic 1950s advertising and the familiar Browns Blue Livery which many Groby residents will remember.

Yesterday's Groby

Phil Symons recalls how he and his life long friend John Hughes turned the clock back in 2012 and took a nostalgic trip through Groby - 50 years after they met at school.  And with the help of their former teacher they put names to faces.

A family history website provides a fascinating picture of the Groby quarry workforce from 1861 through to 1911. The Studiey focuses on the workers and their jobs at the granite quarries of Charnwood Forest.  The link is at the end of the article.

Follow the link and you'll find out...

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Time Team visit to the Old Hall in Groby and the programme eventually broadcast in April 2011. The archaeologists and the owners of the Hall were pleased to  learn more about the site. But for Philippa Gregory it was all a bit more personal.

At airports they can cause great problems and they can even be a nuisance to householders.

Following public concerns the lights are now back on from dusk until midnight and 5.30am to dawn.

The Village Hall Management Committee and Groby Parish Council seem no closer to resolving their differences over how the maintenance of the Village Hall car park should be financed.  Read more

 Read about food hygiene scores for Groby establishments.
The County Council has provided a new A50 bus gate to reduce travel delays.  
 Now the council is considering 
 further  transport subsidy cuts.   Scroll down the article to read about t
he  decision to charge  £400 a year for each child to travel by bus from Field Head to Groby Community College.  It resulted in the Ombudsman finding the Council guilty of maladministration and injustice.  


Read about Matthew's journey from his childhood in Leicester to the People's Gardener, a journey that took him to the prestigious Royal Botanic Garden in Kew.

There's always awaiting list and this article considers two options put forward..

Will you pay £15 for your brown bin to be emptied?
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council considered  charging for the service from 2013.  Read more.

Groby's people

The remarkable story of an act of heroism by the late Peter Randall, a former Groby parish councillor.

Councillor Martin Cartwright is the first from Groby to accept the post of Mayor at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council.  He
 felt that his decision to be Mayor was helped by the fact that the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics make it a special year. His year as Mayor ended in May 2013.

After a year of emotional highs and lows  the Groby couple who appealed for an egg donor were matched with a donor and started treatment.  But there was more heartache to follow.

A unique study identifies the top 20 postcodes offering the best range of essential and desirable factors for family living. 


True Blue Dance Crew wentoff to the West End, London, to perform at one of the leading theatres in January 2014. read the background story.

Ann Duggan, who lives just up the road and has played at the Stamford, loves vintage clothes as well as music.

If you have seen Wreckless Venture at one of their Stamford Arms gigs you may have recognised their lead singer.  Groby's Jim Coley balances his many interests with serving on the Parish Council

The Hiss and Boo band no longer have a monthly gig at this popular local pub but you can still read about the band and other local jazz venues.

Local residents tell of holiday disasters - a weekend cruise that went badly wrong and a visit to a festival in Valencia

After three days Aynsley Lister and his partner Steph arrive at Bridlington having completed their charity cycle ride.

The Groby Boxing Club was a bold initiative that was never realised.

The story behind the BMX track

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New BBC2 series with local connection


Everards Brewery has demolished The Brant Inn to make way for  31 dwellings.   Read more and the earlier articles.

The chill wind that blows from Westminster
The latest development in the Bloors saga - t
he developer has decided to challenge the decision of the Planning Inspector in the High Court. 
     or the full decision document and  earlier articles.
The row over the granting of planning permission for the erection of the wind turbines. 
The Rookery Public Inquiry
An application to use premises in the Rookery for heavy goods vehicles was withdrawn at the hearing at the Field Head Hotel on Thursday June 13th 2013. The premises can still be used for storage and a domestic workshop.

A  development of houses  near Groby has been approved by Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Local Government. 

The scheme will provide local authorities with a New Homes Bonus, equal to the national average for the council tax band on each additional property.   But how will it work? 

This archive article looks at the benefits.

Groby in Bloom  disbanded in 2011 after years of work  in  the village. 

The new regulations about sewer ownership and maintenance  have come into effect.  Read what it means for you.  

Three Groby men make a nostalgic visit to see a Lancaster bomber
 Groby  bus timetables
Click here to see the  timetables.  This isn't one of the buses on the Groby route, it's the Malta bus service taken over by Arriva.  Click here for the story and more photos.

Conservation and environment

There's a view of the old part of Groby that hasn't changed in 200 years.  See where it is...

Read about the Borough Council  review of the Conservation Area in Groby. 

This article looks at the investigation into the pollution incident in 2008.  

In a hefty 50 page report the Inspector explains his  decision that the land owned by Bloors next to the village cemetery should not be registered as a Village Green.

What does the Borough Council have to say in response to the questions over the recycling collection service?

Manrique campaigned to protect the environment of Lanzarote.  Does Groby need someone to do the same for our open spaces?

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport Mike Penning has announced  a change to the policy to permit the development of truckstops.

 A mystery has been resolved by someone being in the right place at the right time with the right camera or mobile phone. 

Parish Council election results

Changes to charges for library computers have not generated the expected income.

A County Council scheme aims to help house buyers.