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Race Reviews

https://sites.google.com/site/greenmonstertrailchallengepenn/Event-details/race-reviews/jedi_runner.JPG   JediRunner Review          https://sites.google.com/site/greenmonstertrailchallengepenn/Event-details/race-reviews/running_30.jpg   Running into 30 Review

https://sites.google.com/site/greenmonstertrailchallengepenn/Event-details/race-reviews/brian_kunckle.jpg   Brian Kunkle's Review                   https://sites.google.com/site/greenmonstertrailchallengepenn/Event-details/race-reviews/matt_geer.JPG   Matt Geer Report

Comments from Other Participants 

“A giant THANK YOU to everyone involved in putting on today's race! I wouldn't change a single thing & have nothing but good things to say about the registration, check in, parking, trolley, course marshals, volunteers, aid stations, course markings, swag, much ~ appreciated award ...but mostly the amazingly challenging but super well maintained and marked course...and LEAF BLOWN!!! That was just amazing...32 leaf blown miles!!! Amazing!!! Totally recommend this race!“

“Awesome event. Awesome course. Awesome volunteers.”

“Thanks very much for an awesome event! Well worth the 4 1/2 hour drive from Ohio. Well organized, well marked, great swag, and BUFFET WOW!! Hated to bug out early but the dreadful drive was ahead of me. Thanks so much TRC!! Looking forward to Eastern States!! “

”Loved this race!”

“Great Day at the Green Monster Trail Challenge. No rain which is always good and cool temps. Hats off to Travis and all the super volunteers for dealing with the last minute changes due to the government shutdown and putting on a great event! Trail were awesome and well marked and the cheering at the aid stations is always appreciated and welcome. Can't wait to come back next year and do it all again.”

“The GM was an amazingly difficult course (for me), but it was a GREAT event all the way around! Loved it!”

“Many thanks to the Green Monster organizers and volunteers! Course was crazy with big hills, rocks, shoe sucking mud, stream crossings, all things that we thrive on. lol Great goodie bag from sponsors as well. Great contrast between the comfort of the trolley ride and the, shall we say, discomfort inflicted by the Monster : )”

“Yes, a big shout out to all made this happen.”

“Thank you to all involved in giving so many of us a day to remember. Those are some killer hills! What fun. Fantastic volunteers at aid stations and along course. Well done. My quads thank you as well.”

"Once again, hats off to you and your crew for the GM50K - it was awesome! I already made up my mind to it again next year."

"Thanks for the outstanding race. I was impressed with the 32 miles of leaf-blown trail and still telling other runner's about it!"

“Ginger and Jamie....bettered our time from last year by 1 hour and 4 minutes! We couldn't be happier with ourselves.”

“Another year and another job well done by everyone involved! A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers and sponsors!”

Race Reviews

https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxncmVlbm1vbnN0ZXJ0cmFpbGNoYWxsZW5nZXBhfGd4OjJiODllZTEzZjA0ZGFkYTA    Gregg Rinkus Review               Brian Kunkle Race Report

Comments from Other Participants 

“Awesome course! For a 1st time event I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say very well done. Thanks to all the people that volunteered. Loved it! Hope for many more to come.”

“One of the nicest races of the year I have to say was The Green Monster 25K out near Wellsboro PA. It is a fast 25K with a lot of runnable trail! Didn't have to worry if I was going to break something every time my foot touched the ground!! I like "technical" trails but it is nice to relax and enjoy a trail event for a change. My hats off to the race director for a very nice first of hopefully many Green Monster 25K events! I really hope they don't try and make it more "technical" and leave it as it is. I am going to recommend this to all my trail friends! I heard they this was going to be added to the PA Trophy Series and I hope it is!”

“Thanks for putting on an incredible, challenging, well run event! I’ll be back for more pain next fall. You can count on it”

“I would like to thank all the TRC members for the best trail run I have been on. The run itself was challenging, very well laid out( minimal roads, very well marked, properly located aid stations, beautiful territory), the aid stations were well stocked with great staff manning them. The chow at the luncheon was great and plentiful. You even provided excellent weather. Special thanks to the people involved in screening over the hornets’ nest!”

“Awesome event!! We will be back next year!”

“Great event and people.”

“I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the race you and your committee members put on yesterday. I was telling my husband that it was the most organized and well-run trail race I have ever done. The course was so well marked that you couldn't get lost, the helpers were cheerful and encouraging, the aid stations were perfectly placed and well stocked, the prizes were great, and the post-race food was delicious! I really enjoyed running on those beautiful trails even if parts of the course were brutal ;) I hope you guys continue sponsor this race and I will definitely recommend it to other runners!”

“Thanks again for a great day. I've never had so much fun while in pain! hehe!”

"I just wanted to let you know that you managed to put on an awesome event. I certainly was not in the leaders pack, nor was I one of the ones that scratched. I was WAY in the back of the pack, nursing a couple injuries, but still, it was a great event. Your aid stations were well placed and well manned. The kids and the cowbells were a nice touch. They were all very friendly and encouraging :) The chicken soup at mile 11 was a great touch. Something warm and salty hit the spot. The SWAG bag is great, the shirt is really nice (I'm partial to gray anyway), the socks are awesome. I hope you continue to bring events a bit closer to "home". Don’t change a thing! Thanks again. ((However, feel free to reroute AWAY from Frankenstein’s Forehead!))”

“Great first event and hoping you guys continue to make this an annual trail race. Gorgeous trails .... nice job guys!! Thanks for a good time.”

“Thanks again for organizing the events of the day. The course by itself created some memories, especially the slide down that last hill. The live music was also a nice touch, helping to add to the atmosphere of "hang out and swap stories". I heard some inspiring/humbling stories from a couple of seasoned super vets.”

“Such a well-organized event by great people! It was an awesome challenge!”

“I just wanted to say how much fun that I had while doing the Green Monster and extend a thank you! (My real name is Bryan and I was the bearded fellow who slept in his car the night before the race.) That was my first trail race and I had a blast. Everyone was really friendly and nice! The entire race had a wonderful environment (both the people and the surroundings) to it. It was great talking to people about pounding trail and I got more excited about trail running than ever before. I hope to see everyone I meet at the Green Monster this year at Hyner, Rothrock, and of course the Green Monster next year! Thank you to every for being so nice and thank you to everyone who helped put the Green Monster on! You're all awesome people.”

“Great event and course and super volunteers=fantastic day running in the mountains, 'nuff said. Can't wait for next year.”

“Thanks again for putting on the race today. My wife and I had a great time and you and your crew did a fantastic job marking and clearing the course and laying it all out. I hope this will be a repeat event; if we are around, I am sure we would race again.”

“Outstanding event. Lots of good things to say; super course, well-marked, good food at the end.”

“Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make The Green Monster Trail Challenge such a great success today. It was an awesome event! Thanks again!”

“Congrats on a great race! You guys worked hard and it was definitely noticed!”

“Thanks for putting on an incredible, challenging, well run event! I’ll be back for more pain next fall. You can count on it”

“I agree it was a great success. All the comments I heard from everyone passing through the aid station were positive. Everyone appreciated the aid stations, and only had good things to say about the course. After we were done and walking around the finish, I heard the same sentiments echoed. Several were saying how good the course was, and how it was very runnable. You did an excellent job organizing the event.”

“Had a great time. The race was all that I'd hope for and more. Not only was it a first race for TRC, it was also a first for me. I think I'll keep training and make it a hobby.”