Race Details


You can pick your SWAG bag up Friday and Saturday at Wild Asaph Outfitters located in Wellsboro, PA during the course of normal business hours. Please note that you are still required to check in on race day to pick up your bib before the start of the race. If you are arriving the morning of, you will be able to pick your bag and bib up at the start/finish area starting at 6:00 am Sunday morning. The registration tent will be located at the start/finish area.


Parking will be located at the USGS Lab at 176 Straight Run Road. Turn North from US Route 6 onto Straight Run Road and proceed straight through the stop sign. Volunteer parking assistants will be available to direct you from there. Secondary parking (or overflow parking) will be provided as needed. Do not drive the start/finish area or park along the township roads.


The USGS parking area is about ¼ mile from the start area. Feel free to walk the level straight Run Road, North from there. Please allow for extra time to make it from the parking area to the start area. 


The start/finish line and race headquarters is located about ¼ mile north of the USGS driveway on the west side of Straight Run Road. Please do not drive to the start/finish or anywhere past the USGS entrance. We have just enough room for our necessary support vehicles and tents and simply cannot deal with any more vehicles or parking in this small area. Please park at the USGS and walk to the start area.

The prerace meeting for the GM50K will be held at the start/finish line at 7:15 am, followed by the Star Spangled Banner at 7:25 am, and race start at 7:30 am.

The prerace meeting for the GM25K will be held at the start/finish line at 8:45 am followed by the Star 
Spangled Banner at 8:55 am, and race start at 9:00 am.

The prerace meeting for the GM15K will be held at the start/finish line at 11:00 am followed by the Star Spangled Banner at 11:10 am, and race start at 11:15 am.


The entire Green Monster loop is marked with YELLOW blazes. The GM25K portion will be flagged with BLUE ribbon. The GM50K will be flagged with PINK ribbon. Also, there are other roads and trails along the course, ORANGE ribbon will be used distinguish areas where not to go. On top of all that, the entire course will be freshly trimmed, cleared of debris, and leafblown. That's right, 32 miles of freshly leafblown trail!!!


Going Cupless! Because we are people who enjoy and appreciate the nature around us, we will take a big step toward making less impact on the environment. We are going cupless this year!! There will be reusable collapsible soft cups for sale for $5 at registration, or bring your own. There will be no paper cups at aid stations.

All aid stations will be fully stocked with your usual goodies. You will be required to check out of every aid station using your bib number. The aid station volunteer will record your time and number and wish you luck. More cowbell!

0.0 – 5.0 mile      #1 Canada Run
5.0 – 8.0 mile      #2 Baldwin Run
8.0 – 11.0 mile    #3 Stone Road
11.0 – 13.5 mile  #4 Broad Ridge
13.5 – 14.0 mile
 GM25K (blue) / GM50K (pink) Split

14.0 – 17.5 mile  #5 Apple Orchard (Unmanned)*
17.5 – 20.5 mile  #6 Hessel Gessel (drop bag)
20.5 – 25.5 mile  #7 Frying Pan
25.5 – 28.5 mile  #8 Scotch Pine

28.5 – 32.2 mile Finish

*The #5 Aid Station – Apple Orchard at mile 17.5 is unmanned, so please help yourself!


There will be one designated drop bag location for the GM50K participants at the #6 Hessel Gessel Aid Station located at mile 20.5. All drop bags will be returned back to the start/finish line after the aid station is closed. You can pick them up at the start finish line and available for pickup until the end of the day. All drop bags that are left behind will be immediately discarded with no return options.


It is our full intentions to have each participant finish the trail challenge in which they signed up for. There are no advertised time limits or cut-offs for finishing the challenge, however, we would like to have all participants off the course one hour before dark. Sweepers will make sure all participants have exited the course in the safest possible way. No participants will be allowed to leave the #8 Scotch Pine Aid Station after 5:30 PM. Please respect the judgment of the course marshals and be aware of your own ability to complete the task at hand.


If you decide to drop from either race for whatever reason, please make sure you report to the nearest aid station and give your bib number to the aid station captain. Failing to do so could trigger a search and rescue mission that could be very costly. Barring any emergency or life-threatening injuries, we will transport you back to the start/finish area at our earliest convenience.


All participants will be required to check in and provide their bib number to ensure participant safety. Failure to do so may ultimately trigger a Search and Rescue. Each of these check points will be staffed by responsible people with direct radio communications back to the event headquarters with the ability to communicate directly with emergency responders. There will also be radio equipped sweepers following the final participants to ensure the course has been cleared. Tioga County 911 Communication Center will be briefed of the event and have corresponding maps and appropriate staffing on hand to coordinate any necessary response.


Several port-a-johns will be located at the start/finish area. There will also be two port-a-johns located near parking area. PLEASE RESPECT THE NEARBY NEIGHBORS AND UTILIZE THE PORT-A-JOHNS PROVIDED! This has caused problems in the past. You will have to use your own creativity will on the race course.

There will be one large tent and several smaller ones at the start/finish area that will provide shelter during inclement weather, but we strongly recommend that you plan accordingly for such incidents.


Camping will be provided in the lawn of the USGS lab just North of the paved parking area East of Straight Run Road. Please park in the designated areas and walk to you camping area. Feel free to spread out within this mowed area, and follow the Leave-No-Trace principles and limit it to tents only, no RV's. Port-a-Johns will be available. Fires are prohibited!


No littering! Respect the mountains.

Headphones are permitted, but please respect you’re your fellow runners and aid station personnel. It is courteous to remove your headphones when coming into an aid station.

Passing - If you would like to pass someone it is courteous to call “Pass right or pass left” before doing so. In return, if a fellow runner is calling for a “Pass” you should move to the side of the trail and let them by.

Cheer on and encourage your fellow participants, have fun, and when you get a chance, thank the volunteers that are supporting you and your efforts!