Green Monster Trail Challenge

15K, 25K & 50K

A trail challenge designed for both runners and hikers of all ages, showcasing the mountains of the Tioga State Forest located in Wellsboro, PA.

October 13th, 2024
Wellsboro, PA 

50k Start Time 7:30 am 

25k Start Time 9:00 am 

15k Start Time 10:45 am

176 Straight Run Road, Wellsboro, PA 

Bag/Race Bib pick-up ends half hour before race start!

2024 Title Sponsor

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This year's race capacity will be limited to 350 RUNNERS. We anticipate this race will likely reach capacity long before online registration closes Sunday, September 29th, so don’t slack if you’ve got those Monsterish vibes - commit and sign up! In the event it does fill, a wait-list will be generated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Refund Policy 

Before you hit that ‘register’ button because you’re super stoked to hop on the Green Monster bandwagon, PLEASE take into account our stance on refunds. We are a NO REFUND event - zip zilch nadda. There are NO refunds, NO deferrals, NO switches, NO transfers. When you hit that ‘register’ button WE are agreeing to a transaction - your financial end of the deal (and to get your bushy tail to the start line) along with our obligation to you to host the best race we possibly can, we’ve done ok so far over the years - folks seem to like us.