In the process of building our first gaming machine, we discovered two important things:1. It can cost a bundle to run a gaming computer -- think hundreds of dollars a year, depending on hardware, use, and energy prices.

2. There was almost no info out there on the energy use associated with gaming , especially measured data.

So, we wrote a big study on the topic (and then another one) and have made a lot of our background research available here to the gaming community.We will keep this updated as time allows. See all the latest research at http://greengaming.lbl.gov



Nathaniel has unending curiosity about the world. He's a former user and builder of high-performance desktops and very aware that the planet is warming and that energy is often not used productively. Both problems can be solved with smarter energy choices. Nathaniel is the founder of Greening The Beast website, and welcomes engagement of the reader community. His other hobbies are tennis, guitar, and everything Japanese. He is currently a student at Reed College.


Evan is a retired Senior Scientist at the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (currently a Research Affiliate), where he specialized in energy efficiency research (website). He is always looking for new and overlooked opportunities to improve efficiency, and is delighted to be engaged with Nathaniel in this site. He studies gaming computer energy use by night.