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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab News Releases:

AZO Cleantech - Berkeley Lab Energy Analysis - Electricity Consumption by Gaming Computers per Year is $10 Billion

BBC - Up All Night - Interview starts at 01:11:20 to 01:12:25 (August 1, 2018)

BitGamer - Gaming PCs too power-hungry, researcher warns

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - How to Save the Planet from Your Couch (December 3, 2018)

Business Insider (India) - A Slight Change in the Gaming PC World Could Save Billions in Wasted Energy

Chip Online (Turkey) - Oyun Bilgisayarlarından Rekor Enerji Tüketimi (Measuring the Energy Use of Gaming Computers)

Choi News (Japan) - ゲームPCはエネルギー節約できる余地が大きい (Gaming PCs Have Room To Save Energy)

CleanTechnica - Gaming Computers Could Reap 75% Energy Savings And Improve Performance

ClimateWire - Gaming Computers Rack Up Disproportionate Energy Bill

DH (Turkey) - Gelecekte Sadece Oyuncu Bilgisayarlarını Calıştırmak Için 50 Enerji Santrali Gerekecek (Gamers Only Need 50 Power Plants in the Future to Run Their Computers)

Digital Trends - Small Changes Could Yield Huge Energy Savings for Gaming PCs, Study Says

Energy Efficiency Markets - Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Energy Savings Potential

EnergyWire - A father-son quest to tame energy-gobbling video games


Economie Matin (France) - Fracture D'electricite: Un PC de Gamer Consomme Comme Trois Frigos (UK) - More Efficient Gaming PCs Could Save $18 Billion

FierceEnergy - Are gaming computers the next big thing for energy efficiency?

Forbes - The Big Surprise in Home Energy Consumption: Gaming PCs

Fudzilla - Gamers Can Save the Planet by Tweaking

FZ (Sweden) - Din Speldator Kan Vara en Energiskurk (Your Gaming Computer Can Be An Energy-thief)

GameStar (Germany) - Stromverbrauch Von Spiele-PCs - Könnte Im Jahr 2020 Weltweit 50 Kraftwerken Entsprechen (Power Consumption of Gaming PCs - Could The 2020 World Provide 50 Power Plants?) - Triste realidad: Jugar videojuegos contamina horriblemente al planeta (Sad Reality: Video Games Are Horribly Contaminating the Planet). - Gaming Computers Could Reap 75% Energy Savings and Improve Performance

Globo (Brazil) - PCs Gamer Consomem US$ 10 Bilhões em Energia Por Ano, Diz Estudo (Gamer PCs Consume $ 10 Billion in Energy Per Year, Says Study)

Green Buildings Advisor - Video Gamers Could Save Billions in Energy Costs

Grist - Gamers Guzzle a Crazy Amount of Energy

GreenTechMedia - Gaming Costs $10B Annually in Energy

Hard-OCP - Taming The Energy Use of Gaming Computers

Hardware (Finland) - PC-PELAAJAT KULUTTAVAT TOLKUTTOMASTI SÄHKÖÄ (PC Gamers Electricity Expenses Go on Forever)

Hexus - World's Gaming PCs to Require 50 Dedicated Power Stations by 2020

International Business Times (UK) - Greener Gamers Could Save $18 Billion by Switching to More Efficient PCs

KO: Computer Review (Russia) - Оптимизация игровых ПК позволит сэкономить 18 млрд долл (Optimization of PC Gaming Will Save $18 Billion)

Kronen Zeitung (Austria) - Gaming-PCs fressen unnötig viel Strom (Gaming PCs Eat An Unnecessarily Large Amount of Electricity)

Laoyaoba (Taiwan) - 你的电竞电脑是吃电怪兽吗?(Is Your Gaming Computer an Electricity-eating Monster?)

Le Comptoir Du Hardware (France) - Le PC Des Joueurs Consomme Trop (PC Gamers Consume, Too)

L'energie D'avancer (France) - Comment réduire la consommation énergétique des PC de gamers ? (How to Save Energy in Gaming PCs?)

Mother Jones (US) - Video Games Consume More Electricity Than 25 Power Plants Can Produce (November 29, 2018)

MuyComputer (Spain) - Los PCs de Juegos Utilizan Una Cantidad Ingente de Energía (Gaming PCs Use Huge Amounts of Energy)

Newsweek - Greener Gamers Could Save $18 Billion by Switching to More Efficient PCs

New Scientist - Cloud Gaming May be Great for Gamers but Bad for Energy Consumption (June 11, 2019)

PC Gamer - Efficiency Study Says Gaming PCs use $10 Billion in Energy Every Year

PC Welt (Germany) - Gaming PCs Soon to Need 50 Power Plants for Electricity Worldwide

Presse Citron (France) - Les Gamers Sur PC, Rois Du Gaspi D’énergie (PC Gamers, Kings of Energy Waste)

PresseText (Germany) - Gaming-PCs Fressen Unnoetig Viel Strom (Gaming PCs Eat Unnecessarily Large Amount of Electricity: - Gaming Computers Offer Huge, Untapped Savings Potential

PlayNation (Germany) - Allgemein: Gaming-PCs sind teure Stromfresser

PPLWare (Portugal) - Costuma Jogar No PC? Atenção Aos Consumos De Energia (Do You Usually Game on a PC? Pay Attention to Energy)

R&D Magazine - Gaming computers offer huge, untapped energy savings potential

Rennovabili (Italy) - I PC Da Gaming Non Sanno Cosa Sia L’efficienza Energetica (PC Gamers Don't Know What Energy Efficiency Is)

Run Direct Magazine - - Gaming Computers Can Save Energy with Necessary Changes in Settings and Components

Science Daily - Gaming computers offer huge, untapped energy savings potential

Science Post (France) - Comment Reduire La Consommation Electriques des Ordinateurs de Joueurs? (How to Reduce the Power Consumption of Gaming Computers ?)

Sciences Et Avenir - Gamers, Soyez Moins Energivores (Gamers, Be More Energy Efficient)

SG (Hungary) - Évi 10 Milliárd Dolláros Aramszámlát Okoznak a Játék PC-k (Gaming PCs Cause $10 Billion in Energy Bills)

Silicon Republic - Gaming PC Owners Can Help Save the Planet by Improving Rigs

Slate (France) - Les PC de Gamers Engloutissent des Quantités Enormes d'Energie (PC Gamers Gobble up Huge Amounts of Energy)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) - Gaming-PCs verursachen zehn Milliarden Dollar Stromkosten pro Jahr (Gaming PCs Responsible for 10 Billion Dollars Electricity Costs Per Year)

Svet Hardware (Czech) - Herní PC Budou Prý Do Roku 2020 Potřebovat 25 GW Energie (PC Gaming Will Need 25 GW of Energy by 2020)

TechSpot - New study highlights the ridiculous amount of energy consumed by gaming PCs

TF1 (France) -

Techie News (UK) - Gaming computers can help save billions per year in energy costs

Tom's Hardware (Italy) - I PC Gaming Di Tutto Il Mondo Consumano Come 160 Milioni Di Frigoriferi (PC Gaming Worldwide Consumes as Much Energy As 160 Million Refrigerators)

TreeHugger - Making Gaming Computers More Efficient Could Save $18 Billion a Year in Energy Costs

TriplePundit - Gamers to the Rescue: 'Huge' Energy Savings Potential In Computer Gaming

University of California News - Your Home is an Energy Hog - Here's How to Put it on a Diet

Vice: Motherboard - Gaming Computers Use a Truly Astonishing Amount of Energy

Wired (Germany) - Gaming-PCs Sind Riesige Stromfresser (Gaming PCs are Huge Power Guzzlers)

Xataka (Spain) - Si Eres Gamer, Cuidado Con El Consumo Eléctrico: Puedes Ahorrarte Un Dineral Sin Perder Potencia (If you're a gamer, be careful with power consumption: You Can Save A Bundle Without Losing Performance)