Top 10

We love PC Magazine's annual "Top 10" list of gaming desktops.

But, it's also true that energy efficiency isn't exactly up there in terms of characteristics they consider.

So.... each year, we accept PC Mag's picks, but let you all know how they'd rank if energy efficiency was the key criterion.

Here are the results for 2014...

PC Magazine's top 10 machines, by nameplate power

PC Mag RatingTop-10 PC Magazine RatingNameplate Watts
1Digital Storm Coridum1412
2Origin Chronos793
3Cyberpower Zeus Mini544
4Falcon Northwest Mach V873
5Velocity Micro Edge Z55796
6Falcon Northwest Tiki525
7Lenovo Erazer X700468
8Main Gear Spark219
9MSI AG270 All-in-one333
10Velocity Micro Edge Z30 SmallBlock405


PCMag ratingTop-10 by Performance (FPS)FPS (@ 1080p Max Settings)
2Origin Chronos209
1Digital Storm Coridum302
9MSI AG270 All-in-one67
6Falcon Northwest Tiki102
8Main Gear Spark42
5Velocity Micro Edge Z55141
3Cyberpower Zeus Mini84
10Velocity Micro Edge Z30 SmallBlock53
4Falcon Northwest Mach V108
7Lenovo Erazer X70047
Electricity Intensity Watts/FPS benchmark

PCMag ratingTop-10 by Energy EfficiencyW/FPS
2Origin Chronos3.8
1Digital Storm Coridum4.7
9MSI AG270 All-in-one5.0
6Falcon Northwest Tiki5.2
8Main Gear Spark5.2
5Velocity Micro Edge Z555.6
3Cyberpower Zeus Mini6.5
10Velocity Micro Edge Z30 SmallBlock7.6
4Falcon Northwest Mach V8.1
7Lenovo Erazer X7009.9