Volunteer Information

How You Can Help

1. Pray for the event.

2. Attend the meetings. We will be meeting every other Thursday for the first few meetings, then will switch to every Thursday closer to the date. In addition to representing your church or organization and keeping us informed of their participation, it is also important for to be there to help on various jobs before and during the event.
3. There will be many ways for your church or organization to participate. We will need people to agree to cook desserts, green beans and corn and bring them in on Thanksgiving morning ready to be served. We will need about 120 people to help deliver and several people to help get the boxed dinners ready to travel.
4. We will also need people to help with the preparation work Wednesday night beginning around 6:00 which will include lifting some heavy equipment, slicing 440 pounds of turkey, bagging up over 1800 soft drinks and assembling delivery boxes, and a few strong backs to help very early on Thursday morning with heating the pans of turkey and then loading them to go to Cedar Hill.
5. If you are a representative of a church or other organization, you will be given a sign-up list for the people you represent to commit to what they would be willing to do on the Wednesday before and on Thanksgiving morning itself. Everyone should be finished and ready to go home no later than 2:00, and most will be finished before that.
6. We will need help in getting the word out to those throughout the county who need a meal so that they can call in and get it reserved.
7. We will be needing financial contributions to make the meal possible. We buy the turkey and dressing, whatever paper goods and other supplies that aren’t donated, the rolls, and whatever else we need or run out of.


 There are many jobs that will need to be done to bring Thanksgiving to the 3700 estimated people in need for 2018.

For a complete job listing
job descriptions


Top 25 Ways You are Needed!

Planning Stages - Oct. - Nov.

1. representatives from different churches and organizations to attend planning meetings and take back information.

2. financial supporters.

3. publicity providers - distribute flyers and handouts.

4. enough cooks for 146 gallons of mashed potatoes

5. enough cooks for 146 gallons of green beans

6. enough cooks for 146 gallons of corn

7. enough bakers for 258 cakes

8. donors of 3500 canned drinks

Wednesday Night before Thanksgiving

at Trinity UMC

9. slice and prepare 1000 lbs. of turkey

10. and clean up afterwards

at Cedar Hill

11. get everything set up

12. bag up soft drinks

13. put together boxes

Thanksgiving Morning

at Trinity

14. crew to put turkey pans in oven at 6:00 am. and take them out at 8:30 to go to Cedar Hill and then do final clean up of kitchen.

at Cedar Hill

15. Gofers to help carry in food as it arrives

16. People in Serving Lines

17. People to carry in gravy and other supplies as needed.

18. People to slice cakes

19. People to distribute literature

20. People to work in drink room

21. Delivery Guides to help load up deliveries

22. Delivery Drivers and assistants

23. Person to look at dine-in room

24. Stand-by delivery drivers

25. Clean-up