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We're excited to announce that have begun using a new platform for club registrations. This will streamline our registration paperwork and payments for our students, coaches and volunteers who run this organization. We hope you enjoy the new process and look forward to your feedback! 

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Class times are normally on Saturday from 9:25-10:25 am. Check the Schedule for details. 

Six week sessions are $125, plus $25 annual administration fee (charged only once per year). 

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As you sign up for your first session at Great Bay each year, Great Bay Figure Skating will register you with US Figure Skating's Learn to Skate USA for your Learn to Skate USA number.  

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Contact Great Bay Figure Skating for questions or concerns at: learntoskate@greatbayfigureskating.org  or 603-969-6206

Learn To Skate USA class curriculum is endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey.

The Learn to Skate USA program is designed to teach skating in a way that is challenging and fun. There are six levels of basic skating skills, and each level builds on the next.  Great Bay also offers Skaters earn badges and certificates as they move from level to level. Our professional staff evaluates each student and the skater advances to the next level when they have mastered all of the skills in their current level. No two skaters are exactly alike, and each student progresses at their own rate.

Skaters are grouped by class level. Please note that the time of your skater's class may change throughout the year as they change levels. All classes are held on Saturday mornings.

Once a skater completes the six levels of basic skating, they can advance to the Free Skate levels, where the more advanced skills, jumps and spins are taught. The Basic Skills program provides plenty of room to grow!

Adults have a different learning style. We have quite a few active adult skaters, and any of them will tell you that it is NEVER too late to learn to skate. While all of our skaters start in the Level 1 class, adults have their own class in order to meet the needs of the adult skater.

Please note: ALL skaters should arrive at least 15 minutes early on their first day, to allow time to complete registration paperwork, find rental skates that fit (if rentals are needed), and be laced up and ready to be on the ice on time.