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 This project will continue work from a previous NSF Minerva grant Modeling Discourse and Social Dynamics in Authoritarian Regimes (NSF#0904909) to analyze the speeches of international actors to detect motives, identify threats, and find predictive patterns of language and behavior. The project has three components: identifying language patterns related to armed political crises; identifying bluffs and threats pertinent to both national and international security; and analyzing the relationship between language and contentious behavior like protests, riots, and rebellions. We want to extend our analysis beyond the existing corpora which focus heavily on China and the Middle East/North Africa regions to encompass Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, where there are growing security threats and ample opportunities to collect and analyze linguistic data.

More information available on the website HERE

PI: Leah Windsor, University of Memphis

Co-PIs: Zhiqiang Cai, Art Graesser,

Senior Personnel: Ben Nye


Grant Name: Political Crisis and Language: A computational assessment of social disequilibrium and security threats

Grant Number:

Funding Agency: Office of Naval Research

Dates: 2014-2017

 Amount: $1,285,656