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The "Goole and District Bowling Association" is open to all bonafide amateur bowling clubs within a twelve-mile radius of Goole. The association conforms to the rules and regulations of Bowls England.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote, foster and safeguard the amateur level green game of bowls.

  • To arrange inter club and other matches and competitions.

  • To interpret, when called upon, difficult and doubtful questions of law and practice and to arbitrate in all differences referred to the Association between and among affiliated clubs.

Next Executive Meetings - NUR Club Carter Street, Goole - All welcome to attend

Meeting on Sunday 14th August 2022 at 10:30am.

Meeting on Sunday 18th September 2022 at 10:30am.

AGM on Sunday 23rd October 2022 at 10:30am

Latest News


Please come along and support the Goole and District Bowls Finals Day at Airmyn on Saturday 3rd September from 10am onwards. EVERYONE WELCOME.

All League Trophies are to be returned to the League Secretary (Graham Duck) by the September Exec Meeting please.

Closing date for all potential rule changes is approaching - please ensure that the Executive members are aware of these by the September meeting in preparation for the AGM.


All bowlers should consult Rule 9b regarding the correct attire for bowling in the Goole and District. There have been a number of infringements within recent weeks. Please also note that League matches rearranged due to the weather must be completed by the end of the season 3rd Sept 2022 (with the exception of those postponed in the last week).

In the regular Goole and District competition against Selby and District, Goole won 66 shots to 63 in a closely contested match of 16 players vs 16 players. Thanks to Drax Club who hosted the competition this year.

June Executive Meeting

Cup Competitions: With limited entries and hence rounds in the cups, the fact that some competitions needed to be completed at earlier times than necessary to meet the final round dates was discussed. It was agreed that the dates of each round completion should have worked back from the final round rather than working forward. Therefore please ignore the initial dates for the completion of each competition and work from the final round backwards to work out when you actually need to complete your round. Any queries then please refer to Les Wodke (Fishlake). Thanks.

Late changes to the Leagues as reported at the May Executive Meeting

The league fixture book was published with 15 Mid-week entries and 26 Friday Fours entries and was configured as (8 & 7) and (10, 8 & 8) respectively. The Mid-week Div B was configured with matches in week 19 to ensure the 7 teams all played the same number of matches.

Unfortunately Hemingbrough C had to withdraw from the Friday Fours Div C and a hastily devised revision was sent out to add some matches in week 19 for this now 7 team league.

However, 2days before the first matches were to be played, Wyndthorpe informed that they had to withdraw Wyndthorpe B from the Mid-week pairs (Div B) and Wyndthorpe D from the Friday Fours (Div C).

Given the timing of this announcement it was considered too late to rearrange all the fixtures and thus unfortunately what was initially established as a full fixture book now results in both Midweek Div B and Friday Fours Div C having only 13 matches in an 18 week season (5 weeks stood down).

Minor adjustments are needed as follows:

1) in MW Div B the previously introduced fixtures in week 19 are now removed.

2) in FF Div C the previously introduced fixtures in week 19 are now removed.

3) in FF Div C the match in the final week 2v1 is to be changed to 2v5 so that all teams play 13 matches.