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Global Member Care

Volume Three:

Stories and Strategies
All Peoples and Places
(concept note updated March 2023)

Kelly O’Donnell PsyD and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell, PsyD

Consulting Editors and Contributors TBA
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 God will dwell among humans and they will be His peoples.
He will wipe away all their tears and death will be no more.
Revelation 21: 3,4

This book is about people from all around the world.
People who are dedicated to help mission workers and senders.
People who are committed to help fellow humans in need.
People who minister among  least-reached peoples and places.
People who work together with integrity, skill, and resiliency.
Their stories must be told!
Their strategies must be shared!

Book three in the Global Member Care series, Stories and Strategies--All Peoples and Places, is part of an ongoing effort to shape and support the field of member care. It is designed to forge into new terrain--to further equip the diversity of people around the world who have member care responsibility, including leaders, colleagues, friends, professional caregivers, trainers, and sending groups.

The special emphases of All Peoples and Places are: a) case studies, personal stories, ministry descriptions, and strategies about member care for workers among/from the least reached peoples and places (LPPs); b) examples of efforts by member care and mission workers who are working across sectors and cultures to help vulnerable humans and especially those in LPP settings; and c) links to a variety of core resources for going further. The book will include both consulting editors and contributors from around the world and hence provide a distinctive, directional platform to listen to and learn from “our global voices.”

 This book can be used as a state-of-the-art text for training purposes in universities, seminaries, and mission settings and as a handbook for member care workers, sending groups, and those with member care responsibility. The intended audience is primarily the international Christian mission and member care community including Christians working in other international sectors.

 All Peoples and Places, like the previous books in this three-part series (Pearls and Perils and Crossing Sectors), points us to the raison de être for our mission efforts: imparting the gospel of Jesus Christ and our lives (I Thes. 2:8)  in culturally-relevant ways and improving the lives of fellow-humans, many who are impoverished, devoid of basic human rights, and living in places beset with protracted calamities and intractable conflicts. We sincerely hope that this core sampler of solid materials will both inspire and instruct our colleagues around the world in their member care/mission work and service to humanity/LPPs. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.