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There are many places to seek replica Celtic arms and armor on the Web, at many levels of price and quality (both of which can vary widely). Usually, you have to slog through dozens of sites, comparing prices, before you get the right piece at the right price. 

However, there is now an alternative to all that bother. KoA (not to be confused with the campground chain or certain sound-alike secret societies) is a terrific "one-stop shopping" resource for those seeking high-quality and accurate reproductions of historic arms and armor of Celtic origin, as  well as those of many other periods and cultures, both historic and fantasy, either to kit yourself out for re-enactments or just to fill a hole in a collection with that certain rare item that is completely unavailable (at least in your financial range).  

Ryan Whittlinger and his Merry Men (and women!) at Kult of Athena have assembled some of the finest reproduction arms and armor from well-known makers and suppliers all over the world, from A to Z (well, to "W" at least), famous names including Albion, CAS Iberia, Cold Steel, Del Tin, Hanwei, Marto, and Windlass (to name but a few) with prices for every budget. They stock the finest available products at highly competitive prices - and though some of the products are from off-shore (though high-quality)  they also carry American made items from companies such as Albion, and employ Americans at their HQ and warehouse in IL. 

They stock a wide range of Celtic swords, spears, axes, shields, dirks and daggers, from ancient times through the 19th century, and from many other cultures and periods. 
(And when I say "stock" I mean stock - not "drop-ship" or order after your order comes in! They have an actual warehouse with many of the weapons and equipment they advertise - over 4000 at present.  (See their FAQ for details and a lot of other good reasons to buy from them.)

In addition to weaponry of all sorts, they have the gear to carry them in the form of belts, baldrics, etc. They also carry period jewelry, clothing, etc. So if you are in the market for Celtic weapons or equipment (or for that matter, almost any type of weapons and equipment), have a look at Kult of Athena first!