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3 Clan Cameron Emblems c
onsisting of:

Claymore kilt pin, w/ Celtic interlace, thistle pommel cap, and small Clan Cameron crest badge on blade, 3.75" (9.525 cm)

Clan Cameron cap badge, 1.75" (4.445 cm) H  x 1.5 " (3.81 cm) W
Enameled Clan Cameron 2001 International Gathering at Achnacarry commemorative l
apel pin, approx. 1" (2.54 cm) .

These badges consist of a belt encompassing the arms of the chief of the Clan Cameron,  which the Chief of Clan Cameron and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs have approved for wear by followers of the Camerons, including those who bear the surname Cameron and its variants  and those bearing names of the recognized septs of the clan, such as MacGillonie,  Taylor, Martin, etc.  (See Clan Cameron Septs for details.)

Both t
he kilt pin and the cap badge were 
made in Scotland by Art Pewter Silver Ltd. of Glasgow. 
I purchased both new (1976 for the pin, 1981 for the badge). Both have had very little use as I generally wear period garb and thus use the white cockade and Cameron plant badge (oak) rather than the modern emblems. I have decided it is time to pass them on, preferably to a Cameron or sept of the clan. I would prefer to sell all three, but will consider individual offers. The backing tartan in the picture is Old Lochaber, a District sett which dates to at least 1800, and thus is pre-Revival.  Clan Cameron has historically lived in Lochaber, with the chief's line residing at Achnacarry, where the present chief still lives. 

The cap badge and kilt pin currently sell for approx. $28 USD each new from Art Pewter Silver Ltd., and similar enameled pins for $7 USD.  I will sell them for $20 USD each for the kilt pin and badge, and $5 USD for the pin, or $42 USD for the three together. I will include a small swatch of the Old Lochaber sett tartan used as the background to the picture above, plus an e
nameled Clan Cameron badge (no fastener, similar to the central motif of the International Gathering pin above)
 to a buyer who takes all three.