29th January - Steve Gibbs, Coyote Calling, Poor Boy (in the Restaurant)

Steve Gibbs

I've been playing guitar since I was 8 years old, and writing songs since my early teens. My songs are about life - love, loss, happiness, despair. Of what it means to me to be human. I try and make an emotional connection with the listener - you'l not find 100 notes per second in my playing. I want each note I play to earn its keep - it has to be there for a reason. I play a mixture of acoustic guitar-based instrumentals and songs with vocals. Unlike some of my peers, I'm open to the idea that recording and performing live are allowed to be different, so, if I think the song would benefit from it, I will use techniques and add layers to recordings that I couldn't dream of doing live. When I'm not busy doing my own thing, I'm also lead guitarist with Holly and the Boatmen.


Coyote Calling

Coyote Calling perform acoustic renditions of the greatest in classic rock, soul and Americana.

Enjoy a mix of originals and hit songs from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Cream, Tom Petty and Prince with their rhythmic energy and soulful vibe.


Poor Boy

Poor Boy is Ruth Ding and David Acton, close friends since the late 1990s. The band's music is a mix of covers and original material, the inspiration for which is drawn from their experiences.

They have already performed at Willow Festival, Oundle Festival and Stamford Meadows and they supported Echobelly on their last acoustic tour.