28th January 2018: Meg McPartlin / Tom Wright / Brotherhoods Roundabout

Tom Wright

Tom Wright is a 23 year old, British singer-songwriter. Brought

up with the stylings of such artists as Johnny Cash, John Mayer and

Brad Paisley, his songs delve into the creative, story- telling element of country music, with the guitar-heavy drive of classic rock anthems.

Primarily a guitarist, Tom has performed with a number of

various musicians, travelling across the UK and Europe, and has played alongside such people as Tom Chaplin (Keane), Don Felder (The Eagles), The Feeling, Ronan Keating and Huey Lewis.

Alongside playing for other artists, Tom has been promoting his own songs at various festivals with his band after finally deciding to record an album. This self-titled album comprises of 13 original songs, with most of the instruments and vocals (including piano, bass and guitar) played by Tom.

As well as his own material, he is also touring around the country

as the guitarist for Never 42, The Billy Joel Songbook, and various

other artists. The self-titled album is available to order now on iTunes, or on CD from his website (www.tomwrightguitar.com), and

has already managed to climb to number 10 in the iTunes

Country chart, and Tom was nominated for Musician Of The

Year at the British Country Music Awards 2017

Brotherhoods Roundabout

BR was formed in 2005.

After many years of playing what audiences expected to hear, we decided to put a band together to play exactly what we wanted and the more difficult the better!

Some of the tunes have been a year in preparation as there is nothing written down for the solos, everything has to be painstakingly worked out then memorised.

We try to stay away from four-four and basically enjoy ourselves.

One thing is certain: you will not hear anyone else attempting these tunes.

It is, of course not for everyone but that is the whole point!


Meg McPartlin

I'm a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Lincolnshire. I wrote my

first song at the age of 10 and have been writing ever since. I learnt to play when I was 9 and have been performing in pubs and clubs since

I was 12.

My influences are Pink, Frank Turner, Johnny Cash and many other singer-songwriters.

I'm a big non-believer in competition as I believe that every musician is unique and has their own sound. I'm big into old country music but love to please a crowd with some more of the punchy modern tunes full of sass and passion.

I hope to carry on gigging throughout my life and go on to bigger and better things and go wherever life takes me.