26th January 2020: Nigel & Teri / Bob Renton / The Latiesha Maria Band / Pete & Lianne Hall

Nigel & Teri

Nigel and Teri have been performing traditional and contemporary songs for some years now, performing at folk clubs, and social gatherings around Lincolnshire.

Nigel's background is in English and Irish trad, while Teri has delved in everything from folk, classical, to musical.

Nigel, guitar, melodeon, vocals.

Teri, tenor guitar, percussion, vocals.


Bob Renton

Bob Renton is a recording and performing artist who writes records and produces his own tracks. His debut EP “Seasons” is available now. He is known for the sombre tones and deep mournful lyrics. His music varies from acoustic folk to electric blues-rock; he enjoys playing most genres of music and has done studio sessions for local bands.

His first EP “Seasons” was simply recorded with one microphone and an acoustic guitar and are all live takes. His 2019 single “My single bed” was also done on acoustic guitar.


The Latiesha Maria Band

The Latiesha Maria band is a five piece band that brings you a mix of modern day soul, R&B and pop classics. Fronted by Latiesha Maria, a young singer with a powerful voice, this band can play any occasions and whether you want an acoustic sound or full band sound then they can deliver and are sure to play something for every ones tastes. Today they are performing as a 4 piece.


Pete & Lianne Hall

Pete Hall is a legend of the Peterborough folk/ acoustic world. A fixture of the scene, playing and organising, since the 1960s.

Pete has a beautiful and intimate voice and guitar playing style, bringing a highly individual take to contemporary and traditional song.

Along with his wife, Kay Hall, they organised folk clubs and events across town. When the original Peterborough folk club ended they filled the gap with High Barn Folk, a wonderfully DIY series of nights that kept the folk music scene of Peterborough alive. They soon were inviting the greats to come and play such as Martin Carthy, June Tabor, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Gregson and Collister and so on.

He will be accompanied by his daughter, Lianne Hall, a songwriter and performer herself whom the late great John Peel once called “one of the great English voices”. Lianne now lives and works in Berlin making this father and daughter performance at The Glasshouse Sessions all the more special and unique.