Laboratory of Industrial Automation

Founded in 1996, the Laboratory of Industrial Automation is one of the most advanced and best equipped laboratory in the Region Lazio. Its main activities deals with:
-Electric Vehicles
-Renewable Energy

Following, some of the main research topics

 Transportation Electrification

  • Electric Vehicle's powertrain
  • Storage and BMS
  • Traction control
  • Power Electronics for traction motors
  • Hybrid vehicles technologies
  • Charging infrastructures
  • Smart grid for charging infrastructures
  • Wireless charging for EV's

  • Railways systems
  • Ship propulsion
  • Aircraft Electrification
 Renewable Energy    

  • High efficiency power converters for renewable energy generation
  • Tracker for PV systems
 Power converters    

  • Design and manufacturing of medium-low power converters for industrial and civil applications
  • Active front-end 
  • PFC
  • Power quality 
  • Dead time compensation techniques
  • EMC for Power Converters
Industrial automation         

  • PLC
  • field bus 
  • manipulators
Electrical drives

  • High performances control systems
  • Modulation techniques
  • PM motors control
  • Induction motors control
  • DC motors control