I am a researcher at the National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR), in Rome. I got a degree in Philosophy of Science (University of Pisa) and a PhD in Cognitive Psychology (University of Rome "La Sapienza").

I use a combination of theoretical, computational and empirical methods to study cognitive processing in humans and other animals, and to realize robots that have similar abilities.

At the moment my main research question is how living organisms (and possibly robots) could develop higher cognition from sensorimotor skills. My tentative answer --in keeping with embodied and motor theories of cognition-- is that the architecture of motor prediction and control of our earlier ancestors was gradually improved to afford cognitive control and executive functions (and in parallel, joint action and communication in the social domain).

With my lab (CONAN LAB) at the ISTC-CNR, I am exploring a number of interrelated research topics: goal-directed behavior and decision-making (see the EU-funded project Goal-Leaders); goal-directed spatial navigation and planning (see my HFSP and HBP projects on planning and the rodent hippocampus; and the ERC project ThinkAhead on human hierarchical planning); perception of affordances (see my project Affordance Landscape Viewer funded by NICOP-ONR); anticipation, anticipatory behavior and action simulation (see the EU-funded project MindRACES); schema-based agent architectures for action control, joint action and communication (see the EU-funded project HUMANOBS); language processing; and the architecture of representation and intentionality - hoping that cognitive science and robotics help answering these old and deep philosophical questions.

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My selected publications:

Contact: Giovanni Pezzulo, c/o ISTC-CNR, Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 44, 00185 Rome, Italy.

Email: giovanni.pezzulo@gmail.com