Entering the "Recreational Picking Phase"

Post date: Aug 26, 2016 10:49:36 AM

I walked much of the patches last night and the crop is noticeably absent/diminished across the farm. A lot of the overripe crop has ended up on the ground recently. There are still a few bushes here and there that offer up a bucket of berries over a couple hours of picking. The 4 rows between the solar panel/weather station and the pasture are still not ripe, but there are few fairly ripe bushes interspersed in those rows and elsewhere in the middle and back patches. The front patch is for the most part overripe and you should skip that one. The number of people coming out are very few, so I think we can continue to sustain the low level of picking that we currently observe. Because our reports are very broken record sounding, we will reduce the frequency and update when the late-ripening varieties start to show significant hues of blue and purple.