2019 Picking Season is Starting 3 pm on Thursday, August 15th

It is IMPORTANT to call or check our Facebook or this webpage to get the most up-to-date information. The answering machine report and Facebook are the most up to date. Still trying to figure out Instagram: old dog, new trick.

We are kicking off the 2019 Picking Season at the farm on Thursday at 3 PM. We know, weird start time, but we have other commitments prior.

Crop forecast is for more than 11,000 lbs. These are guesses. Last year's guess was 4600 pounds but 7700 were harvested. Most years the estimate is below 10,000 lbs. So we are hopeful.

Everything is the same as prior years, $2/lb, self serve, self pick, bring your own containers. We will still be busy with preparations. during Thursday and Friday, so it won't be until Saturday for the full farm experience, so plan only on picking on those first two days. Latrine maintenance may not be ready Thursday, so go before coming.

We offer relatively easy and safe picking of naturally grown high-bush blueberries. Starting early to mid-August, berry pickers of all ages can come any time, every day that we are open, which depends on the availability of berries. SEE: PICKING UPDATES link for current conditions and forecast of the opening day.

If you have Facebook, you can participate in our farm FB site here: www.facebook.com/GierkeBlueberryFarm