2020 Picking Season Started Today (7/31/2020)

It is IMPORTANT to call or check our social media (Facebook and Instagram) to get the most up-to-date information.

Harvest rates on a per-person basis were very good today. Those who pick professionally were averaging 7.5 lbs per hour. Those who don't care how long it takes didn't keep track of time. Berry quality is very good, although we are on the front edge of the ripeness curve, less than 30-40% ripe. As always, it is impossible to predict how long it will take to ripen or when picking is good or best. If you have modest expectations of one or two buckets, you can expect to fill them in 2-4 hrs. If you are expecting more than 2 buckets, you might want to wait. Hoping for more is fine, but expecting is setting one up for disappointment.

Everything is the same as prior years, $2/lb, self serve, self pick, bring your own containers. It is not hard to social distance properly while picking. The challenge is the bottle neck at the berry building during busy times. We are striving to be present to facilitate the throughput, but there are times we cannot be present. Patience and consideration are excellent virtues. One person brought her own postal scale and weighed her own berries and then dropped off payment.

We offer relatively easy and safe picking of naturally grown high-bush blueberries. Starting early to mid-August, berry pickers of all ages can come any time, every day that we are open, which depends on the availability of berries. SEE: PICKING UPDATES link for current conditions and forecast of the opening day.

If you have Facebook, you can participate in our farm FB site here: www.facebook.com/GierkeBlueberryFarm